Guys, changing a little routine now I am going to talk about a few things about the village of sand ^^

– Sunagakure (shā yǐnreno lǐ, sunagakure in sato; literally means “Hidden Village of the sand”) it’s the village hidden in the country of the wind. As a village of one of the five great shinobi countries, sunagakure has a kage as their leader known as kazekage, of which there were five during its entire history. To be surrounded by deserts offers to the village a natural barrier against invasions, since few foreign powers would be willing to endure the storms of sand and water scarcity common to suna. The sunagakure itself is situated in a valley fortified behind a cliff of rocks, with passage into and out of the village restricted to a single crack between two cliffs, making the very difficult area to be attacked by the soil. The buildings within the village appear to be made of clay or plaster, which would help to maintain a mild climate within these constructions

* two ninjas powerful and very famous in this town have epithets related to sand: Sabaku Gaara in and sasori akasuna in.

* strangely none of the characters of this village has confirmed his last name in the series, even though she is the second most frequent village in Naruto.

* In Gaara Hiden, it was reported that the strange and submerged land is said to be natural, not that, during the time of the myths, it was thought that could be the result of a God, as well as susanoo-No-Mikoto and amaterasu, using a technique in addition to the knowledge Human.

* according to Gaara Hiden, by the fact that the two previous kages have been murdered, groups anti-Kazekage has become common in suna because they wanted a kazekage “stronger”. however, with the subsequent arrest of several members of the council Of suna that formed and actively helped these groups, many of the groups anti-Kazekage assumed were finally arrested.

* during the first meeting of the kage, the first hokage delivered the suna a fertile ground near shared knowledge base to grow from then on. The owner of the land caused many battles between the two towns.



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