Minecraft and Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog: There is a lot of rumours and discussion going on this topic that sonic might makes

an appearance in the current super famous game Minecraft.

On 30th birthday which is on the date of June 23rd of the sonic the hedgehog it is

being notified that it might makes a cameo character in the Minecraft game with the help of DLC.

Mojang is expected to release its Sonic-themed DLC,

especially for its super famous sandbox title.

Minecraft which is consider to be one of the most favourite as well as popular game in the

history off its gaming category and it has maintained it this ranking for a very long time.

And now This game has also manage so as to be place in the top through continuously

giving relevant updates to its game. All of These updates are very important so as to bring

more a full collection of brand new content within the game for its users so as to dive into the game.

Minecraft now is expecte to receive an all new DLC presently, which might will make

an introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog to its game.

Sonic the Hedgehog

By far already most of the players are wishing it to happen and they have started to learn

a bit more regarding the Minecraft Sonic DLC update.

The DLC will be the latest project that will come out regarding the Sega’s Year of Sonic.

And it is also expected that there might be a bit more in the pipeline.

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