SOUL (2020): Synopsis along with Movie review :

SOUL (2020): in fact, It is a masterpiece in the animation world.

and its about a soul’s adventure in which this movie will brilliantly get you thinking

and talking about life and the afterlife as usual.

It also comes close to some topics and thoughts like your passions and purpose,

along with the spark that gives you the kick to get it all going.

in this paragraph, A middle-school band teacher,

Joe whose life has not quite went even like the way

he was expecting to be going instead that he further realize some other reality and facts about life.

in the same way, Joe’s true passion is jazz in which he is very good which he considers to be his spark.

on the other hand, Twist arises when Joe travels to another realm.

because He went there to help someone who does not know what’s their passion

indeed to help him to find their passion.

by all Joe discovers that his all definitions related to passion and life are not the real definition actually.

he uncovers what it means to have a soul.

therefore I liked this movie but Before explaining the reason (why),

firstly I would like to focus on one point that the core idea of the movie is “NOT THAT YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE SO AS TO HAVE A JOYFUL LIFE”.

then You need to enjoy and also learn to enjoy the very few previous moments

instead of waiting for something big to happen to reach happiness in real.

hence The movie’s message is very refreshing and profound also.

Director : Pete Docter

Cast : Alice Braga as Counselor Jerry, Angela Bassett as Dorothea, Jamie Foxx as Joe, Daveed Diggs as Paul

Genre : Action / Family / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics – 96% – Critics

Rotten Tomatoes Audience – 88% – Audience

IMDb Rating : 8.1


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