Spenser Confidential: Today we are getting to taking about this movie.

Spenser Confidential: Unfortunately, this film just feels very generic its plot its characters

there are not that much exciting moments within the film does one think that Mark Wahlberg

plays himself within his film he plays the plug-ugly he’s always able to get into a fight

he’s evil girl sometimes his character was very generic.

And that i desire you didn’t do much to quite expand on the character we even have Winston Duke who.

We did get some fun moments towards the top of the film but both of them just felt really flat

within the movie we even have posts Malone is during this movie.

Spenser Confidential
Spenser Confidential (2020) Movie Review

it’s all fun but like I said it’s few and much between this is often more of a detective mystery film

instead of a comedy or an action film Mark Wahlberg to work out

who killed these two cops what this conspiracy is basically getting underneath it.

and also deciding what it’s then i prefer his determination and therefore the people all around him

see the he very determined also to quite become involved with things happened during this past

it’s gonna happen again and somebody’s trying to prevent him from getting involve people’s lives

and people moments are pretty funny also . Spencer confidential was one I was looking forward to

but unfortunately it just kind of fell flat. it’s really fun to watch Spenser Confidential Movie (2020).

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