Spiral 2021 It’s a sequel but a spin-off that sort of sequel point is Chris rock plays a cop during this movie.

This is brilliant movie Spiral 2021, this is often the best, this is often nothing’s more Hollywood.

than this saw’s done the franchise is completed until we bring it back.

and call it something aside from the name of the franchise

but there is no marketing for a movie called spiral.

So for marketing sake, we’re getting to squeeze the name saw in

at the top once we call it spiral from the book of songs just nothing’s ever dead.

Spiral or spiral from the book of saw whatever it’s called

I do not quite know what I’m getting to title this yet so spiral isn’t a replacement saw the movie.

It’s a saw copycat movie so it isn’t a soft sequel it is a sop spinoff it is a

saw sequel within the way that us marshalls was a fugitive sequel like chronologically.

Spiral 2021
Spiral 2021 – Movie Review

He’s an honest cop and he gets a replacement partner in their add

this case it’s very familiar to the old jigsaw.

killings seem like we got a copycat on our hand’s folks so Chris rock

and his new partner they’re chasing the leads and chasing the bodies.

this movie has got to it tries to try to do more.

I’m saying equivalent things I said about mortal kombat

I assume we have seen these tons lately curious about seeing more of this world for a sequel.

as long as they will recover writers and focus it up this movie isn’t quite the groundbreaking saw the movie it wants to be it doesn’t quite elevate the content in the least all.

I can say is that the movie happened a movie with a psychological state

that wasn’t quite saw wasn’t quite investigative.

This movie didn’t want to be a gorefest I mean the traps are gory it’s pretty brutal and bloody but you’ll tell this movie wants to be more it’s going for something deeper.

This movie wants to be I desire we should always have spent longer there I desire this movie should are longer or was longer but had things cut out.

So it just feels quite jumpy like this movie’s a series

of location changes where they’re a bit like driving to at least one place driving to a different and you’re just watching the jigsaw stuff.

Happen in between there is no interesting.

Investigation during this movie there is no actual chasing the trail of a killer

this movie intensely lacks a way of direction.

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