Spy X Family Anime Characters 2022

The Forgers, the show’s namesake spy family, are what most viewers recognize and cherish. However, the series is also supported by many other wonderful characters. There is no denying that some in the cast are more talented than others, even though the primary players are all unique. It is to be expected that some characters will have greater intellectual prowess in a tale including brilliant spies and pampered privileged kids. the Spy X Family of Anime Characters.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

1. Anya Forger

Anya comes to mind when thinking of anime characters that are loved by all viewers. Her interactions with Loid and Yor are pretty fascinating, and she doesn’t really have anything that could be considered bothersome. Not only is she cute, but she also exhibits a degree of social intelligence that is uncommon. She had a significant impact on Loid’s decision to wed Yor because she had the ability to read Yor’s mind and had begun singing about how unhappy Yor felt without a mother. Of all the characters in the series, Anya is one of the most adored.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

2. Loid Forger

Another person that is difficult to detest is Loid Forger. The top assassin in all of Westalis, he has been dispatched to Ostania for a crucial assignment that will determine whether or not there will be peace between the two nations. He exhibits excellent parenting skills despite having no prior fatherhood experience. Loid respected Anya’s feelings even when she disagreed with him and left to her room, so he patiently waited for her to return. He is also quite concerned for Anya’s security.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

3. Yor

Yor may appear friendly, yet she is a skilled assassin who has murdered many people. Despite the fact that she has never had children, she has excellent parenting abilities. She is the kind of person who would go above and beyond to protect the people she loves, and she is also quite calm. This was evident when Yor was able to threaten and harm the people who were trying to kidnap Anya when she was in danger. Everyone adores Yor since he lacks any irksome characteristics.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

4. Franky Franklin

The series features the silly character Franky Franklin, who has a significant role. Although he might not be as crucial to this mission as Loid is, Loid would be unable to do it effectively without his assistance. Loid receives the appropriate knowledge from Franky to complete any mission that is required of him.

Franky’s bond with Anya is one of the main factors in the affection that fans have for him. He continuously exhorts Anya to approach Loid with whatever request she may have, which puts Loid in a difficult position. The relationship between these three characters is, to put it mildly, pretty amusing.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

5. Henry Henderson

At the Eden Academy, Henry Henderson serves as one of the Headmasters. His obsession with elegance led him to be quite pleased with the level of grace the Forger family exhibited on the day of their exam.

Henderson tries to step in when Murdoch Swan treats Anya in an unkind and disrespectful manner. Anya had little chance of winning until Loid nearly struck him and caused a commotion. But despite the fact that Henderson might get into problems at school, he defends the Forger family and chooses to stand by them. Because he stood up for Anya and called out Swan’s harsh actions, Henderson is a popular figure among the public.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

6. Bond Forger (Spy X Family of Anime Characters)

A dog named Bond Forger resides with the Forger household. Because it previously served as a test subject alongside Anya, this dog possesses the capacity to see into the future. Since his black paws resembled Bondman’s gloves, Anya had given him the name Bondman in honour of her favourite fictional figure.

By using its capacity to see into the future, this dog, who is exceedingly nice, prevented a toddler from being struck by a bus. Additionally, Bond Forger intimidated another dog to assist Anya to get her preferred pair of gloves back.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

7. Dominic (Spy X Family of Anime Characters)

Dominic, a supporting figure, also happens to be Camilla’s boyfriend. he is quite friendly and always tries to talk to Yor because he is good friends with her brother, Yuri Briar, unlike Camilla who has a sharp tongue and a nasty temperament. He tried to stop Camilla from fighting Yor in early episodes of the show and discouraged her from doing so. This implied that he is far friendlier than every single one of Yor’s coworkers, and his supporters appeared to like him.

8. Walter Evans (Spy X Family of Anime Characters)

Despite having a relatively short appearance in the series, the character managed to garner positive feedback from viewers. Despite Anya’s youth, he treated her with great respect and had a compassionate disposition. He is also English and serves as the Headmaster of Malcolm Hall at Eden.

He was really courteous, but he did not appreciate Mr. Swan’s interviewing style, which included asking impolite questions. Fans were fond of the English professor as a result of the glaring behavioural difference between Walter Evans and Murdoch Swan.

9. Camilla

The most frequent and occasional small adversary in Yor’s professional interactions is Camilla. Additionally, she is Dominic’s girlfriend; he is Yor’s brother Yuri’s friend. Throughout the series, Camilla isn’t shown as very intelligent or dull, but she does come out as being incredibly cruel to the point of being petty. Her least sensible action was the practical joke she pulled on Yor using a hot dish of food, which backfired and gave her a small burn. In terms of intelligence, Camilla is ultimately the most typical character in the series.

10. Becky Blackbell

The Blackbell family, who have notably collaborated with Donovan Desmond, the father of Damain Desmond and the primary target of Loid’s operation, are the parents of Becky Blackbell. They are immensely wealthy people. As well as being Anya’s best friend, Becky has proven to be a reasonably intelligent youngster. In the early episodes, she appeared to grasp the course subject well and shown a philosophical side when she spoke to Anya about how shallow people can be. Of the kids in the academy, Becky is probably the second smartest.

11. Yuri Briar

Yuri is Yor Forger’s younger brother. Like his sister, who also works as an assassin in secret, Yuri keeps his real job hidden from her. Yor claims that Yuri is a civil servant in the foreign ministry, but in reality, he is employed by the State Security Service. About her older sister, Yuri is really concerned. Yuri is demonstrated to be incredibly talented and the finest in his field.

Spy X Family Anime Characters

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