Spy X Family Female Characters 2022

Spy X Family Female Characters: Spy x Family is a very popular new anime series that was adapted from author Tatsuya Endo’s on-going manga book of the same name. It is set in an universe that is reminiscent of the 1960s Cold War and features the highest level of tension ever between Westalis and Ostania The Forgers, a charming found family with many secrets, are in the heart of all this spy intrigue.

The list will include several key figures from the manga who are expected to feature in the anime, representing a variety of affiliations. We will discuss the female members of the SPY X FAMILY in this article.

Spy X Family Female Characters

1. Anya Forger

Young Anya has short hair, light skin, and green eyes. She appears to be a maximum of four to five years old, according to Loid. Her emerald eyes are large and oval-shaped, and they have significant eyelashes. Her fringe hangs just above her eyes, and she has light pink shoulder-length hair that curves inward. Anya is shorter than most of her peers, and Damian and his friends often make fun of her short stature.

Anya is incredibly impressionable as a small child and takes in everything she sees. For instance, acting in ways Loid found unusual and reading his thoughts, or learning how to fight from Yor. She took to “Twilight” right once since it depicted a true spy, unlike her, who was shunned by society due to her telepathic gift and her numerous foster homes.

Spy X Family Female Characters

2. Becky Backbell

She has bangs that are unevenly cropped to the side and held in place with a hair clip that resembles a lighted bomb. Her hair are dark brown and shoulder length. She frequently wears her hair in two side ponytails. At home, she lets her hair down. Her double eyelids, upper and lower eyelashes, and thin, light brown eyes all have a distinctive shape. Her face typically has a faint blush, and the eyebrows above her eyes are narrow and short.

She typically wears the uniform of Eden Academy, much like every other female student She usually wears pink scrunchies to pull her hair back, but for the interclass dodgeball game, she wore ribbons.

Spy X Family Female Characters

3. Camilla (Spy X Family Female Characters)

A young lady named Camilla has short eyebrows, blonde hair, and eyes that are yellow. Her hair, which extends to her shoulders, is sleek with perfectly curled ends It is first implied that Camilla is arrogant and cruel when she invites Yor to a party just to make fun of the fact that she is single,

tries to scald Yor with hot gratin, and even considers falsely denouncing Yor as a potential spy. She has a soft side beneath her tough exterior, and when Yor begs her, she gently agrees to slowly teach Yor cooking.

Spy X Family Female Characters

4. Fiona Frost

Fiona is a fair-skinned woman of ordinary height with bobbed hair that is light lavender in colour and a long fringe that is typically swept behind her left ear She has cool purple eyes that are framed in light-colored eyelashes, and she frequently sports an expressionless look She is first seen wearing a large duffel coat with a black turtleneck and slacks underneath. While visiting the Forgers’ home, she changes into a black jacket and a low-dip light blouse. Her stud earrings are shaped with WISE’s logo.

Spy X Family Female Characters

5. Yor Forger (Spy X Family Female Characters)

With fair skin, long black hair, and upturned crimson eyes, Yor is a pretty and averagely tall young woman She divides her hair in half, crosses the two halves over her head, secures them with a headband, and creates two thick locks of hair that hang below her chest When she lets her hair down, she doesn’t have the customary two thick strands of hair, and her hair only reaches approximately halfway back.

Yor often dresses casually at home with a backless red off-the-shoulder sweater, a red skirt, and brown ankle boots She’s got on a white headband and some spike-shaped gold hanging earrings She puts on a big beige coat with black buttons over her clothes when she goes outside.

Spy X Family Female Characters

6. Sylvia Sherwood

Young Sylvia has a slender build, tiny blue eyes, and corners that droop. Her mid-back-length strawberry blonde hair is long and waved. She wears a wide-brimmed black hat with a dark red-purple ribbon and a pair of round glasses with a white frame. A wide black ribbon is tucked beneath the collar of her gorgeous black dress, which has a low-cut square neckline

She also has on a white shirt with a collar. Her dress has a long front that hits mid-thigh and a long back that extends to just below her knees. She’s got high-heeled black shoes on and dark stockings.

Spy X Family Female Characters

7. Sharon (Spy X Family Female Characters)

Having fair skin and long, combed-back black hair, Sharon is a young woman. She wears glasses most of the time, but when they are visible, they are narrowed and have a bored face. She sports half-rimmed spectacles and a huge, basic barrette to hold her hair back. In addition to a set of dangling earrings, she is seen sporting the Berlint City Hall uniform, which consists of a vest worn over a long-sleeved blouse and knee-length skirt.

Although she advises Millie to calm down after Millie implies Yor would be able to meet a man if she stopped being airheaded, Sharon is mostly depicted to be uninterested or apathetic, neither openly making fun of Yor like her coworkers nor actively stopping them.

Spy X Family Female Characters

8. Millie (Spy X Family Female Characters)

Young Millie has fair skin, downturned eyes, and long eyelashes She also has light hair. Her fringe is swept to the right of her face and her chin-length orange hair is styled into a bob with curls that twist inward As a prank, Millie tells Yor that they should put snot in the Chief’s coffee She is shown as being vivacious and playful and is frequently seen grinning or laughing She eventually splits up with her partner, but she doesn’t seem upset and continues to be upbeat, even requesting Yor to introduce her to Yuri.

9. Olka Gretcher (Spy X Family Female Characters)

A young woman named Olka has short hair and unruly bangs. She is wearing a disguise to assist her travel covertly, though, so she looks as she does. Her long, black hair was formerly pulled back into a low ponytail in an old photograph of her In the past,

the Gretcher family operated in a morally upright manner in Ostania’s underground. Her family ran an underground market where they sold food to those living on the streets after the war. In the midst of this, a young Olka met a young Furseal and won his loyalty by giving him a loaf of bread.

10. Karen (Spy X Family Female Characters)

The child of Edgar is Karen When she tries to bring up marriage, Twilight breaks up with her, blaming her for having “limited intelligence,” despite dating her under the alias “Robert” with the aim of finding out more about her father. If Twilight so chooses, Karen may be in trouble because it is well known that

she has engaged in a considerable amount of illicit behaviour. Twilight was able to exert pressure on Edgar and convince him to give up on pursuing the spy using her personal information.

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