Squid Game: Top Reasons why “Squid Game” is the Best K- drama 2022

Squid Game: Before 2020, Indians only followed western culture and their web series and ignored Asian media. But all of the sudden in 2020, the Korean drama shows took over the world by storm. The reason why K-drama became so popular in the world and especially in India, because of its unique, yet nice way of telling stories. And in 2020, ’Squid Game’ became so popular and took the internet by storm, and within a few days of the release, it became one of the most popular web series on Netflix… So why did “squid game become so popular, here are some reasons which may answer the questions;

Squid Game

1. Squid Game Simple yet interesting story

The reason why the show became an instant hit is that the story is quite simple to understand. Just like the name, suggests the story shows a group of people who, are made to play the game but of their own will. If they win the game, they will also win the prize money which is quite high. But it is not as simple as it looks, elimination in the game will mean death. Only one of them will win the money and the rest will be dead.

Squid Game

2. Korean Drama and Films are booming

For the last few years, K-drama is booming in every part of the world. Netflix is also investing a lot of money in Korean shows. During the pandemic, Korean dramas and films became so popular among the audience. Also, a Korean dark comedy thriller movie, Parasite became so popular that even it became the first Korean film to win the academy award for best picture. The Korean drama connects to the middle-class section of the society and their struggles in life.

Squid Game

3. Squid Game Connecting with the people

Another reason why Squid Game became so popular is that the series is able to connect with the audience on their personal as well emotional level. It has been showing that society is divide into many sections. By playing a game they are put on the same level

and show that they are all humans with different capabilities but with equal chance to win the game. The show is the interaction between those who came from different backgrounds but have one chance to win big in their life.

Squid Game

4. Squid Game Relatable character

The characters are very relatable in the show, the lead character Seong Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jing-Jae, is the one who is most loved in the show. The story of him shows that his wife and daughter have moved away from him

and he lives with his mother who is also very ill. He wants to win the money for his daughter and his mother’s treatment. There are many other HoYeon Jungcharacters who are strongly portraiting in the show. Some are in big debt so they want to earn money whether it is a person with a gambling habit, an illegal Pakistani immigrant and a struggling actor, or a gangster, there are people present from every background in this game.

Squid Game

5. Squid Game No publicity

There was no publicity done for the squid game, yet it became so popular in this course of time because it gained popularity by word of mouth. People watched it for fun but later they started posting stuff about the show and shared memes about it, which also helped it more in gaining popularity in the world. Netflix didn’t promote it but in the end, it became more popular than any other series.

Squid Game

6. Game-based story

The series also follows the game-based pattern. There were many shows also present in the same genre but squid game came as the perfect blend of everything. The show competed against shows like stranger things, the witcher, and the wheel of time. The game showed that even after playing simple games one could make the audience curious about

what is about to happen and make them sit on their sit corner. There were games like’ Red light green light’, which showed that if you don’t stop when the light goes red or the music stops,

a giant doll will detect your movement which will kill you with a headshot. After that, you have been given cookies designed with some things on them and you have to take out that design without breaking it otherwise you will be dead, the game is called Honeycomb. There were also games like tug of war, marbles, etc losing them will eventually cause death to you.

Squid Game

7. Defeating the language barrier

Another reason why the show became so popular, that is because it was able to defeat the language barrier. The original series is make in Korea but Netflix has dubbe it in 34 languages with even subtitles so that people feel connect in their own language. Netflix has been shown using this masterstroke for many shows like lupin and Money heist.  But some people complained that some dubbed dialogues changed the meaning in the original language.

8. Who is the mastermind behind the idea of the ‘squid game’ in the show

Ok, we see people being taken as hostages on deserted islands where they play many games to win money but who is the person behind all this? The other aspect of the show has been hidden which shows that an even bigger thing is there not just a game is being played. The people who are always covered in masks who are they and who manage them? Who is the boss? There were many questions that were left unanswered in the show and it will be revealed in the following season.

The show was the one I personally liked as this was one that teach people that you shouldn’t trust anyone blindly because who knows that dark secret they are hiding in their minds and how they will betray you.

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