Who is in the line to join the Strawhat crew?

Strawhat crew: To address this inquiry, we need to comprehend the genuine force of each straw cap team. All of them are the best on the planet in their class, or if nothing else, they will be. For instance:

1. Luffy will be the Pirate King.

2. Zoro will be the World’s Strongest Swordsman.

3. Nami is the best navigator.

4. Usopp is the best sniper or going to be.

5. Sanji is the best cook.

6. Chopper will be the best doctor or going to be

7. Robin is the leading living archaeologist, henceforth excellent.

8. Franky built a Ship that will tour the end of the New World. So Franky’s gonna be the best Shipwright in the entire One Piece.

9. Brook, otherwise known as “Soul King”, is the best musician.

10. Jinbei is the best helmsman

Strawhat crew

The main contender for joining next would be Yamato. A magnificent person. Yamato is exceptionally unique, around the second authority level. Yamato said she needed to board Luffy’s ship and see the world with them. Individuals are saying she’d get a gushing ride to Laugh Tale.

However, it isn’t simply getting a free ride to Laugh Tale; they need to investigate Elbaf, Lodestar Island, possibly God Valley, and the other four split islands prompting Laugh Tale. I likewise accept the Straw Hats will return to Paradise through Reverse Mountain to see Laboon and each of their companions they made en route in Paradise again after Luffy becomes Pirate King, so the way the other crewmates who passed them up can meet them, as well.

Luffy may need Yamato to stop with the Oden character; however, after Momo’s behavior, she may likewise stop under her behavior.

Other potential future crewmates are (Strawhat crew)

1. Carrot

I’m not a significant devotee of Carrot, nor at any point got the promotion for her. However, she is a contender for joining. She hasn’t gotten a lot of spotlight in Wano, and it resembles Oda previously gave her a chance to hit one out of the ballpark in Zou and Whole Cake Island and is pushing her off to the sidelines Wano.

I trust Carrot’s fellowship resembles the situation with Law; he was riding with the Straw Hats from Punk Hazard to Wano even though he had his group yet supported them en route.

Strawhat crew

2. Marco

I can see Marco perhaps joining the group. He said every one of the Whitebeard Pirates is free, so he doesn’t lead them any longer; he’s all the more an independent privateer now who ensures Whitebeard’s town. Since Weevil is busy with the Navy, he doesn’t need to provide the city any longer, henceforth another motivation behind why he needs Wano.

Marco resembles one more established sibling for Luffy; I’m confident he’d be a significant assistance in the last conflict, as well. Marco would be a substantial part of the Straw Hats, and he could likewise be one more partner for Chopper.

Strawhat crew

3. A Scabbard

This is a significant trump card. If a Scabbard was to join the Straw Hats, I’m wagering on Denjiro; why? Different Scabbards have activities, possibly some of them will become substitution Daimyos after Kaido killed the other Daimyos:

4. Kin’emon’s

has poop to do after Kaido’s loss; depending on the case, he’s alive after that thing occurred… But, like Kin’emon, he had affiliations with the Straw Hats, very much like Carrot and Law. He rode with them, and he didn’t join the group.

I don’t figure Kin’emon would join the Straw Hats after Kaido is beaten. He’s bound to remain on Wano because he needs to meet his significant other once more and doubtlessly assist with reconstructing the nation after Orochi went it to crap.

5. Kanjuro

is possibly dead, or he will be detained for his wrong doings.

6. Izo

will most likely remain in Wano in the wake of being away from his home and Kiku for quite a long time and needs to assist with reconstructing the country with his companions.

7. Kikunojo

is possibly dead, yet if she isn’t, she’s probably going to remain with her sibling in Wano and turn into a trade Daimyo for Wano.

8. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi will return to Zou to deal with their nation and revamp it after Jack obliterates it.

9. AshuraDoji

will return to the Mt. Atama Thieves to live off in the mountains and stay as a feral man, or he will likewise assist with revamping the country with Kin’emon and turn into a Daimyo.

10. Raizo

will probably remain in Wano and turn into the new skipper of the Oniwabanshu for Momo after Fukurokuju’s loss.

11. Kawamatsu (Strawhat crew)

Kawamatsu is the other Scabbard who has nothing else to do, and he additionally dealt with Hiyori however much he could before she ran off. Yet, he could likewise turn into a Daimyo or body monitor for Hiyori since he neglected to ensure her as a kid and needs to compensate for it, yet it wasn’t his shortcoming.

Presently, what can Denjiro do after that? Help Kin’emon, sure, yet there truly isn’t much for him to do; he previously managed his work by dealing with Hiyori and such for the beyond 20 years, yet he could likewise turn into a trade Daiymo for Wano.

I can see Kin’emon saying thanks to the Straw Hats for their assistance and presenting to join their group in return for assisting them with taking their nation back, yet Denjiro volunteers for Kin’emon and lets him know he should remain behind and deal with his better half and the country while he helps the Straw Hats.

Like Kin’emon, Denjiro was somewhat the mysterious second driving force behind the entire strike. What’s more, very much like a samurai (Oden) joining Roger’s group, I can see a samurai joining Luffy’s team, as well.

I only see Yamato as the final remaining one to go along with; any other person is improbable. Yamato is Quite Powerful and looking at her friendship with Ace, there is more possibility that Luffy would allow her to board his ship, just like Roger did to Oden.

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