One Piece: How Strawhats contribute on Ship as Crew?

Strawhats: As others have stated, No member of the straw hats is useless. So we’re going to ought to decide through whose least critical. I’ll study three parameters. Combat power. Role at the Ship. Additional Contributions they have got made.


Strawhats Luffy

Luffy rankings pinnacle marks in Combat Strength (CS). He’s the Captain & True Powerhouse of the group. Not most effective is his electricity the clean highest. However, Luffy speedy works out who he wishes to combat to shield the others. Unfortunately, even though in Ship Role (SR), Luffy is most effective, so in order Captain.

It is Nami&Zoro that proportion the majority of the duties, with Luffy most effective making very last choices like next destination & punishing dissent withinside the group (eventually). Finally, for Additional Contributions (AC), Luffy rankings excessive for his capacity to show enemies into allies.



Zoro is the primary mate & another powerhouse of the group. It’s his activity in fights to take out the bosses, proper right hand. Zoro additionally takes his training seriously & will name Luffy out for failing in his Captains duties. Without Zoro, the hierarchy of the group could fall apart.

I will lessen the rating a bit because the straw hats are a fiercely dependable group & the first mate isn’t always as crucial a position because it must be. Where Zoro fails is in different contributions. Apart from fighting, he does not simply do a great deal & of the work; he is usually getting lost; once in a while is crucial moments while he is sincerely needed.



Sanji is, in reality, strong & truly dependable in the fight. However, he’s the weakest of the monster trio. This is balanced through his position as a chef. Being accountable for retaining the group alive on lengthy voyages is one of the maximum crucial jobs on the Ship. Finally, Sanji has tested to be critical in Contributions.

While now no longer as tricky as Nami or Robin, Sanji has the wits to appearance past the instantaneous struggle & plan the crew moves. His entire guise as Prince in Alabasta or questioning in advance final the Gates of Justice at Enies Lobby have been simply as a great deal the purpose for the straw hats victories as Luffy beating the colossal boss. I will get rid of a factor for Sanji’s dumb Chivalry & gullibility with inside the face of a quiet lady as that may be a critical hindrance.



Jinbe is the ultimate of the pinnacle tier combatants withinside the group. He’s much less showy than the monster trio. However, his age has given his experience & expertise, making him appear for the group in place of pass for huge victory towards the primary villains. I’d sincerely positioned Jinbe because of the maximum dependable member of the group.

Jinbe’s position appears to be helmsman. While that is crucial, it is an activity that Nami or Franky can deal with simply first-class without Jinbe. Lastly Contributions. I would not say Jinbe has accomplished many apparent acts (properly besides saving Luffy at Marineford, though technically he wasn’t a member of the group but then).

However, Jinbe has been out within the world longer than the maximum group of individuals. He has allies & an understanding of the arena. This is helpful withinside the larger picture. Add to this, really being a Fishman is a massive contribution to Ship, 1/2 of made from devil fruit users. From the saving group that falls with inside the ocean to have the ability to speak to sharks, Jinbe has specific skills.


Franky (Strawhats)

Franky isn’t always a monster in the struggle, just like the Powerhouses above. However, he does own more suitable power & extra significant endurance. So even as he is expected in the fight, he is nevertheless extra dependable than the squishy individuals.

As Shipwright, he extra than makes up any failings in disputes even though. Building a Ship to tour the New World & being the most influential group member that could preserve it are critical duties. As for contributions, Franky did construct the various cars which are housed withinside the Sunny. These had been beneficial in a few conditions.


Robin (Strawhats)

Robin isn’t always a fighter. However, she nevertheless excels at crowd control. Also, even as she does not own excellent power or endurance, Robin may be depended on to address herself in challenging conditions & has the calm mindset to recognize while to bail.

This is a great deal more straightforward for her now that she will be able to change together with her clone. Her Ship position is tough to decide. In the day after day duties, she a pretty great deal contributes nothing. However, she is the most effective individual that could decode the ponyglyphs.

So, in the long run, Robin is critical in Luffy’s intention of conquering the Grand line & turning into Pirate King. As for contributions, Robin is on par with Jinbe. She has been outside the world a great deal longer & understands the organizations & workings of the arena the more youthful individuals are oblivious to.

This is rendered much less beneficial to a degree because Straw hats tend to journey the wave in their good fortune to victory, in place of relying upon for understanding & strategy.


Brook (Strawhats)

Brook balances the mid trio in the fight properly. Franky is the Tank; Robin the Crowd control; Brook is the speedster. On to SR, I’m going to disagree with Luffy & say that Musician isn’t always very crucial on the Ship. It is fantastic for morale. However, the Straw hats are such an upbeat organization that it simply isn’t always a factor.

Contributions-wise, Brook inspired me in the Whole Cake arc. He controlled to duplicate the ponyglyph& maintain it hidden he’d even accomplished it, & even as he lost, he went toe to toe with a Yonko for a quick even as. I may not provide him with excellent marks. However, having a Devil fruit as an appropriate counter to one of the Yonko is genuinely beneficial.


Nami (Strawhats)

Moving onto the weakling trio, we study Nami. She’s quite a great deal has become the wizard of the organization. Great for crowd control & her lightning is developing near Enel’s now. However, she may be very fragile through straw hat standards. Add to this; she does not take gain of her mirage tempos to govern the struggle as she must be capable of now & she continues to be an excessive amount of a coward.

Running away while you stand no danger is clever; however, I sense Nami may want to win extra fights if she chooses to combat upfront. It takes her lower back to be up towards the wall like Big Mom attacked the Ship for her to reveal her power. Even as a tag group attack, being capable of counter & beating back a rampaging Yonko is a tremendous feat for an average lady without actual expertise for a fight. Anyway, she is transferring directly to SR. Obviously, as Navigator, Nami is critical at the Ship.

The reality she’s one of the great Navigators in One Piece makes the Straw hats achieving Laugh Tale an entirely plausible possibility. Finally, extra contributions. I bet she has tested beneficial the usage of her talents as a cat burglar on occasion. Also, even as now no longer as clever as Robin, Nami may be depended on now to be without difficulty tricked like Luffy or Chopper. She additionally subsidized up Luffy towards Cracker.

Usopp (Strawhats)

Usopp is arguably the weakest fighter of the group. While a coward like Nami, I sense he is barely much more likely to combat while needed, so it is a plus. But he is no longer built for 1 Vs 1 matches & lacks the AoE skills of Nami & Robin. It also comes right down to Nami now no longer using her skills to their full potential, so even as I trust she’s more robust, Usopp utilities his skills better.

Either manner, he is nevertheless low in CS. His SR is likewise now no longer that critical. Sharpshooters must be crucial in sea battles; however, the Straw hats hardly ever use the real Ship to combat; they use their titanic skills instead as a substitute. Off the path, Usopp does have his unofficial position because of the jack of all trades guy. He can patch the Ship while needed, and he formed Nami’sClima-tact, imaginative dial tones, etc.

But wherein Usopp shines is in extra contributions. Usopp usually appears to discover himself being uniquely desirable to the loopy conditions the group gets themselves into.


Finally, the lovely little Doctor of the group. The chopper can be a cowardly member of the weakling trio, however a way to his Monster factor, he is a great deal better rating in CS. Despite the uncooked adverse strength of the Monster factor, Chopper is a flexible fighter way to the ever-developing mutations the rumble ball offers him.

He additionally ranks very excessively in SR as a Doctor. This is usually pushing the bounds in the struggle; its miles critical to have the sort of proficient medic on standby. Contributions are Choppers most effective failing. As the youngest member, he is pretty gullible. He’s additionally now no longer valuable a great deal past his position as a doctor. I bet having the ability to speak to animals has been a small help.

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