Sukuna vs Gojo: who will come out atop?

Sukuna vs Gojo: The empathic showdown between the King of Curses and the strongest jujutsu magician is inevitable! However, we haven’t seen any of them pull it all out yet. All we can do is wait until Gege Akutami sees fit to contrast the two legends.

Although Gege himself said that Gojo had been the most robust character in the manga in the past, Sukuna’s power has steadily grown. The ex-human turned cursed ghost was unbeatable during the Heian era. He will undoubtedly return more vital than ever, with all the cursed energy his fingers have absorbed for millennia and his arcane knowledge of jujutsu techniques in his arsenal.

Sukuna vs Gojo

Obviously, Gojo is by all accounts the one in particular who at present gets an opportunity against Sukuna, and on the off chance that he can’t beat Sukuna, I don’t know who can. The fight will most likely depend on the circumstances and how many tricks each has up its sleeve.

Since we haven’t seen the full extent of his capabilities yet, the judgment on how the fight would end is, at best, an assumption based on estimates and the little information currently available in the manga. Regardless, I believe that Gojo would cut himself against Sukuna in different circumstances and to varying levels of power:

Sukuna vs Gojo

Present Gojo vs Sukuna during the Shibuya Bow, that is, with 15 fingers or 75% of his total strength, Arc Sukuna has shown extreme resistance to Mahoraga and strength and speed to Jogo. Gojo has also shown reasonable control with his domain extension and activated it for just 0.2 seconds. Thus, even when he was outnumbered in a confined space, he could eliminate hanami without a second thought instantly.

Gojo vs Sukuna with estimated full Power

Even with 15 fingers, Sukuna is a force of nature. He seems to reveal more techniques and abilities when he has more fingers. His strength, speed, and reflexes also seem to be improving. We can assume that Sukuna will be much stronger at full power than during the Golden Age since his fingers, cursed objects of extraordinary goodness, have been absorbing cursed energy for 1000 years.

Sukuna vs Gojo


Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is a remarkable jujutsu entertainer, the most grounded in the series. In addition, Gojo is the main wizard to have acquired both the Six Eyes and the Unlimited Cursed Technique in the beyond 400 years, answerable for his alleged invulnerability.


1. Special Grades


1. Infinite

2. Unlimited

3. Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

4. Cursed Technique Space: Blue

Hollow Purple

1. Cursed Technique Space Maximum Cursed Energy Release: Blue

2. Six Eyes

3. Infinite Void


1. Cursed Spirit defeated the Hanami exceptional level

2. Defeat the cursed spirit of the particular class, Jogo

3. Defeat TojiFushiguro


1. Superhuman speed

2. Superhuman physical strength

3. Expert close combat


1. Technique Gojo’s infinite does not work within a domain, making it vulnerable to attack.

Sukuna vs Gojo

Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna is a cursed spirit that inhabits the body of Itadori Yuji. Sukuna is over 1000 years old and has an enormous knowledge of jujutsu techniques.

He was strong enough to excel in the golden age of jujutsu when various wizards failed to defeat him. As a result, even his remains are indestructible and classified as cursed special items.


1. The King of Curses


1. Special Grade


1. Reverse Cursed Technique

2. Dismount and Divide

3. Malicious Sanctuary

4. Untitled Fire Technique

Heroic Deeds

1. He defeated the ancient ShikigamiMahoraga

2. He was undefeated by all magicians during the Golden Age.

3. Special class cursed ghost Jogo defeated.


1. Tremendous speed

2. Tremendous strength

3. Unnatural durability

4. Rapid regeneration


1. Yuji’s body is human and vulnerable. Yuji’s death also means Sukuna’s.

Sukuna vs Gojo

This fight would undoubtedly amount to perseverance! Even at 75% of his total strength, Sukuna is an absolute beast! Nevertheless, he could withstand an attack from Mahoraga like nothing else and destroyed a good part of the city while he fought against Jogo.

Sukuna vs Gojo: How things would fall?

Gojo may be excellent in melee combat, but I think Sukuna only marginally surpasses him by 15% in physical action. However, I suspect that it would be impossible to hit Gojo due to Infinity. While fighting Jogo, Sukuna also dodged Jogo’s Meteor Max attack with ease. In addition, Sukuna was able to avoid both Red and Hollow Purple. Even if either of them brushed it off, Sukuna’s regenerative abilities are among the best on the show.

Sukuna can dodge Gojo’s attacks and regenerate, while Gojo has an infinite supply of cursed energy thanks to Limitless, making this fight a never-ending cat and mouse hunt! This battle would come down to his domain expansion techniques. Sukuna’s domain engineering is divine. There is nothing like it. The only polar opposite to the extent of his domain is simple.

Unless Gojo can work the infinite void on the evil shrine of Sukuna, which was large enough to conquer a vast expanse of the landscape at the Shibuya Arch, there is little it can do. Infinity also does not work within domains, making Gojo vulnerable to Sukuna’s cursed editing technique. Sukuna and Gojo are pretty even. Sukuna was able to defeat Gojo at 75% of his total strength, albeit with difficulty.

Each finger has a huge effect

Each finger has a huge effect on strength. The last five fingers would positively expand Sukuna’s force considerably more. Sukuna’s solidarity, the methods she can get to, and their quality likewise increment with the quantity of fingers she gets.

Sukuna was also able to be reborn several times stronger than during the Heian era. If he reincarnated and eluded the limitations of Yuji’s human body, he would be unstoppable. But, unfortunately, even Gojo’s cursed technique was unable to destroy any of Sukuna’s fingers.

If Gojo doesn’t have a trump card up his sleeve, it is unlikely that he will defeat Sukuna with all his might. Surprisingly, Sukuna is much stronger than he specifically admits! Sukuna is stronger than Gojo at his full strength. Although Gojo appears to be stronger than Sukuna on the surface, they are almost on par! Sukuna was even able to beat Gojo with 15 fingers.

Gojo has no potential for success against Sukuna with his original capacity except if he has a mysterious secret weapon or, all the more significantly, some way of countering the development of Sukuna’s area.

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