So I’m curious as to Right now how everyone think’s Kakei Sumire will be dealt with once and the situation blows over, or if dealing with Kakei Sumire will cease the situation. There are some story of course, though some are less likely than others in Anime.

First Kakei Sumire dies – {Least likely} Obviously Mitsuki’s Wants are to kill Her to save the village though he’s seemingly curious as to what Boruto Uzumaki plans on doing. I think this route won’t happen because while Sumire Kakei is a terroist with the intentions of destroying the village, Sumire Kakei still a kid and this is an anime more leaning to the younger “demographic”, so it’s likely they’re not gonna kill a kid in Anime where younger viewers can see the death.

Second Uzumaki Boruto convinces Kakei Sumire to stop To Doing This (Exile – Most likely} Sumire Kakei is stopped, Nue dealt with and she is forced to leave the village as some form of her punishment. I’m thinking this it the most likely situation since if Kakei Sumire doesn’t end up killing anyone through her actions and “Neu” then her character can still continue and she’ll likely pop up from time to time. Though of course that asks the question as to where Sumire go. Another village most likely.

Third Uzumaki Boruto convinces Sumire Kakei to stop To Doing This (Jailed – Somewhat likely} Boruto Uzumaki obviously isn’t going to kill Sumire Kakei, though they’ll likely fight, and all the while he’ll try convincing her that Sumire plan is wrong. If this is the case then she’ll destroy or reseal Nue. I don’t think it’s likely since she’d need to be punished as a criminal. While Sumire hasn’t killed anyone through her actions (till yet), she’s trying to. While Naruto Uzumaki is a forgiving individual who tends to laugh off all people’s mistakes, he’s the Hokage now and he needs to do what’s best for the village as well as looking at the perspective of the villagers and what they’d be feeling about the situation. I think it’s unlikely that Sumire Kakei would be jailed since it’d be a waste of her character. Like she’d be in there for a while and wouldn’t be seen at all. Though if by the end of it all, Sumire or Nue haven’t killed anyone, this would be the likely story.

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