7 Different Superpowers of Thor

Superpowers of Thor: Everyone knows that Thor is the God of thunder and he can control lighting and thunder as per his wish but is it the only ability that he has,

the answer is a big no, there are many other abilities that Thor is hiding and that we don’t know.

In this blog, we are going to see the different Superpowers that Thor has, some of which we don’t know and some of which that we already know, all discussed in a single article to create an ultimate resource of Thor’s power.

Thor is one of the most powerful characters of the MCU and he is one of the key members of the Avengers.

Superpowers of Thor
Superpowers of Thor 7 Different Types

Being an Asgardian he has many abilities and many Superpowers

Being an Asgardian he has many abilities and many Superpowers that many Gods generally possess and any other normal being doesn’t, but apart from those common abilities, there are many other superpowers and super abilities that Thor has.

Most of Thor’s powers come from his trustworthy weapon, Mjolnir that he has, but there are many other powers that Thor has and he uses those powers, without his Mjolnir as well.

In the first part of the movie Thor, Odin said that whoever can lift Thor’s hammer if he is worthy then is going to possess all the powers of Thor and we have seen glimpses of this worthiness in the Avengers: Age of Ultron where no one except Steve Rogers was able to move Mjolnir despite trying their level best.

While we have seen most of Thor’s powers in various movies but there are still many superpowers

that this God possesses and is mostly hidden from the people and are not shown out in the movies.

So let’s get start with the superpowers of our very favorite Superhero, Thor.

1. Godly blasts (Superpowers of Thor)

There is no doubt in the physical abilities that Thor possesses, he has great physical strength such that he can knock down anyone with just a single punch, even he was able to beat Hulk in the Avengers movie.

With the help of the physical strength that he possesses he has defeated countless enemies across the nine realms, but most of the time he relies on his inherited powers for defeating the enemies that are the ability to create huge and destructive thunder blasts that can destroy anybody.

Superpowers of Thor

Although for most of the time his energy was channelize by his hammer Mjolnir in the movie Thor Ragnarok,

Thor founds that he can control his powers without the help of his hammer as well and the hammer was just an instrument to control the godly power that Thor has and that’s why in Thor Ragnarok he was able to create lighting blasts and projections even without his hammer.

But Thor’s godly blasts are not limit to that there is much more potential in those blasts that we will see in the upcoming editions of Thor.

2. Super Speed (Superpowers of Thor)

Apart from the high physical strength that Thor possesses he also can move at insanely high speeds.

But the question is how fast Thor exactly is? So is fast as in Avengers age of Ultron he was able to see quicksilver moving and that too very easily while others were not able to see him because he was moving that fast. So this was just one estimation of how fast Thor is.

As we see when Thor moves his Mjolnir he moves it so fast that in whichever direction he stops rotating his Mjolnir he would start flying in that direction and apart from that if he keeps on rotating his hammer Mjolnir at that speed for some time then he can even being hurricanes just like he did in Thor movie.

Superpowers of Thor

Apart from that if we even consider marvel comics then according to the comics if Thor tries to move at his maximum speed he can easily cover the entire universe and the sun as well in just a few seconds that is he would be able to move faster than light.

So there is not any exact numerical estimation of how fast Thor is but he is certainly very fast.

3. All Tongue (Superpowers of Thor)

There are more than seven thousand languages on earth and out of those seven thousand many languages are spoken by only hundreds or less than hundreds of people and it is certainly not possible for any person on earth to know all the languages.

Even in most cases, a person might know more than one language but being fluent in all the languages is just like an impossible task.

Now as there are more than seven thousand languages on earth so now you can imagine that how many languages would there be in the entire universe.

Superpowers of Thor

Now Thor being the protector of the nine realms of the universe he has to speak with different persons of the universe speaking different languages now for the filmmakers it is easy to make everyone speak English on-screen but in actuality, they all speak different languages and Thor can speak and understand all the languages there is another interpretation to that which states that whatever language the other person says Thor is going to listen that language as his mother language and whatever language Thor will speak the other person will listen to it as his mother language which is quite a difficult and 

The interesting interpretation is give in one of the editions of Marvel comics.

4. Invulnerability:

Thor is an Asgardian god but most of the fans doesn’t know that Thor is also the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea or also known as the mother earth which is also the reason for the affinity of Thor towards the earth and that’s why being the son of the all-father Odin and the also being the son of the mother earth he is practically invulnerable to almost all the earth’s diseases and infirmities as well as extreme temperatures and other extreme conditions.

Superpowers of Thor

Thor can even go to the center of the sun unaffected by the harsh and destroying vulnerable temperature and can even go to the center of other dangerous and more vulnerable stars unaffected. His skin is also impenetrable by the weapons and tools of the earth which means a weapon from the earth cannot do anything to Thor as Thor is invulnerable to all those.

Hearing this it seems that Thor cannot be harm or damage but he can be the only thing that requires sufficient power to do that damage.

5. Superhuman Senses:

When thinking of superhuman abilities like the ability to hear the sound that was originated miles that no one can hear or seeing those things that no other can see, the only person that comes to our mind with all these abilities is Superman bit very few people know that the superhuman abilities of Thor exceed much more than that of Superman,

Superpowers of Thor

as mentione earlier Thor was able to detect quicksilver who was moving at a speed which is faster than light and literally when no one was able to catch him Thor was able to detect him easily and thanks to the physiology of being an Asgardian god the hearing abilities of Thor is also insane as in one of the editions of marvel comics Thor was able to detect the sound that was originated on some other planet.

6. Mind Resistance:

We all know that Thor has amazing willpower like anything can happen but the will of Thor to keep fighting with everything that has gone against him is commendable but the strength that his mind possesses is much more than anyone can imagine.

In addition to the mind-body connection that he has with his hammer Mjolnir Thor also has the natural ability of mind Resistance

7. Self-Sustenance: 

Being an Asgardian we have seen him eating drinking a lot just like the gods are termed as fond of drinking

he was also seen as someone who likes drinking from the different and unique collection of wine that Asgard has. 

But being an Asgardian god also gives him the ability of extended life and extended survival

without all the necessary things that are require for life. It means that Thor can survive without food or water for longer periods than any normal human being can survive.

For example, if somehow Thor gets trap in some desert planet or desert area then he is going to live

Therefore much longer than any other normal human being, even if accidentally Thor has to live in space without air then also he will survive there for days without even a single bit of air.

But that doesn’t mean that Thor doesn’t need food or water or air to live, even god requires all those

Thor and other gods used to organize big feasts

and that’s why Thor also requires all those and that’s why on Asgard Thor and other gods use to organize big feasts and huge dinners parties from time to time and even when Thor was given banishment from Asgard and was sent to earth by Odin he said that his human form has become very weak.

The ability of Thor to sustain himself without resources cannot be quantified but Thor can go nearly years without food or water in his god form.

If I even have missed any great point about this topic. Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share. We’ll be happy to inform us about this within the comments. So write your comments down below within the comment box you’ll inspect some more of my blogs.

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