Sword Art Online: Best Arcs Ranked of the Series

Sword Art Online Arcs: With any developing anime story, each new Sword Art Online Arc flaunts another setting, new characters, and another danger to be confronted.

With each SAO circular segment being pretty much an “independent” story, it’s not unexpected for fans to contrast them and one another. Nonetheless, which SAO circular segment overwhelms the rest?

Sword Art Online Arcs

9. Calibur (Sword Art Online Arcs)

Anime: Season 2, Episodes 15 to 17

Given the accentuation of the plot, it’s nothing unexpected that both the Aincrad and Fairy Dance Arcs compromised a touch of character advancement for the story.

Fortunately, the Calibur scaled-down arc highlights sets of reports occurring in both the universe of Aincrad and ALO that attempt to solidify the jobs of side characters inside and outside of Kirito’s circle.

The story Arc comes full circle when all characters join Kirito in a chase after the Holy Sword Excalibur.

Notwithstanding the additional profundity to characters in the series, Calibur demonstrates there’s maybe more worth to the centre Sword Art Online experience when seen from the focal point of independent stories instead of being exclusively about Kirito’s adventures.

Unfortunately, the absence of this accentuation and the focal point of Calibur to fully explore characters make it a more significant amount of a circular segment for advancement pay rather than a strong delivery.

Sword Art Online Arcs

8. War Of The Underworld

Anime: Alicization – War of the Underworld, Episodes 25 to 47

Filling in as the second piece of the Alicization season in Sword Art Online, War of the Underworld significantly adjusts the closing parts of the Project Alicization circular segment in the books.

Occurring in the peak of the Alicizationarc, the War will have Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice rejoining to prevent an approaching danger from destroying their lives in the Underworld.

Sadly, besides the somewhat gallant appearance, War of the Underworld fails to impress anyone in different components.

Gaudy and expressive battle to the side, there’s not simply a lot of redeemable characteristics that different War of the Underworld from the remainder of the series. Besides superfluous mature scenes, power scaling issues and account movement incidents kill its climactic minutes.

Sword Art Online Arcs

7. Fairy Dance (Sword Art Online Arcs)

Anime: Season 1, Episodes 15 to 25

It’s such a disgrace for Fairy Dance to turn out to be a significant disillusionment among pundits and fans the same, mainly because of the publicity from the first Sword Art Online experience. Occurring before long the Aincrad Arc, Kirito wanders into the pixie themed MMO ALfheim Online after finding that Asuna,

who still can’t seem to stir from the emergency clinic since the finish of “SAO,” is held hostage there. Presently wearing wings and joined by the baffling Leafa, Kirito will battle to stir his adoration amid

a faction battle among ALO’s distinctive player gatherings. Many fans reprimand Fairy Dance for its somewhat odd interpretation of account and combination of figures of speech.

Besides a hostage and powerless Asuna being excessively abnormal for the solid, courageous woman, the lowkey perverted components and some cringy scenes make Fairy Dance a circular segment to forget altogether.

Sword Art Online Arcs

6. Ordinal Scale (Sword Art Online Arcs)

Anime: Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Yet a total smaller than usual curve in the light books, Ordinal Scale turns into an undeniable Sword Art Online film – and sensibly speaking, given its upheaval around increased reality (AR) gaming, not virtual. Occurring before long Phantom Bullet,

Kirito and his companions get hauled into the AR frenzy civility of a clever device and another MMO, “Ordinal Scale.” However, things turn out badly when players experience beasts from “Sword Art Online” yet additionally begin losing their recollections from their involvement with the VR game. Despite having an adequate number of apparatuses for an independent story,

Ordinal Scale self-destructs soon when fans begin concentrating on its reason further. It’s something to be talented in sword battling in a VR game – however, to decipher those abilities, in actuality, through AR is somewhat unrealistic. Notwithstanding, the short story of Ordinal Scale gives barely sufficient activity and dramatization to be tolerable.

Sword Art Online Arcs

5. Project Alicization

Anime: Alicization Episodes 1 to 24

The Project Alicization Arc fills in as one of the more extended stories Arcs in Sword Art Online, acquiring both madden and reverence of fans and pundits the same. Occurring before long, the Phantom Bullet Arc,

a privately owned business Rath contacts Kirito to test their high-level machine called the Soul Translator. To protect the tests, Kirito’s genuine recollections will be impeded in the game and the other way around. Nonetheless, with a mishap making Kirito stay in the Underworld with his actual and virtual recollections unblemished, inconvenience follows. Project Alicization is by a wide margin the most extended story circular segment in the

whole series and maybe the most philosophical. Given the high-level nature of the Soul Translator, writer Reki Kawahara fiddles into the idea of spirits

and AI with a more elaborate “amazing plan of things” composing. This is most certainly a recent trend contrasted with what fans have encountered and is a much-needed development to the individuals who need an investigate the more significant actual ramifications of the series’ ideas.

Sword Art Online Arcs

4. Mother’s Rosario (Sword Art Online Arcs)

Anime: Season 2, Episodes 18 to 24

Filling in as an independent side story during the occasions of Fairy Dance, Mother’s Rosario will have Asuna visit the strange player Yuuki, who offers an 11-hit Original Sword Skill called “Mother’s Rosario” to whoever will overcome her. In any case, her duel with Asuna suddenly stops

when she asks her for help for an incredibly close to the home issue. Notwithstanding Mother’s Rosario being a brief tale bend with its deficiencies,

this figures out how to put Asuna’s prevalence as the “OG” among Kirito’s collection of mistresses in Sword Art Online. Asuna ultimately becomes the focal point of fan reactions towards Sword Art Online,

especially for her having a more characterized character contrasted with Kirito. Others commotion for stories where Asuna assumes control, and Mother’s Rosario at last conveys.

Sword Art Online Arcs

3. Progressive (Sword Art Online Arcs)

Anime: Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night

The first Sword Art Online got fire for its story that requested person venture when said account needed occasions that established person connections. The Progressive line of light books intends to change this as they give a more firm encounter of the Aincrad Arc,

complete with side stories that underscore different characters. Notwithstanding being a good revamp of the primary curve,

Progressive will come up short on the “oomph” that made OG SAO appealing in any case. This is particularly the situation with Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria Of A Starless Night,

a top to the bottom retelling of Kirito and Asuna’s underlying experiences. While Kirigaya “Gary Stu” Kazuto gets more personal improvement in Progressive, one can’t reject that the OG “most grounded for-reasons unknown” bearing for Kirito in the first Aincrad Arc makes him even more famous.

2. Phantom Bullet

Season 2, Episodes 1 to 14.5

A homicide secret is the last thing one would consider for an activity experience series like Sword Art Online, yet the Phantom Bullet Arc can convey some way or another. Occurring in a VR shooter called “Weapon Gale Online,” Kirito gets hauled into observing

the player known as “Death Gun” purportedly equipped for killing both GGO character and its symbol in reality. Besides getting a female sign, Kirito meets slippery expert marksman Sinon, who will help him address this secret.

Regardless of its somewhat high speed and story movement, Phantom Bullet stays one of the more exhaustive story arcs,

making SAO endurable even to pundits. GGO was a much-needed development to the next VRMMOs given its tactical fiction theme – and Kirito one-increasing most shooters with the powerless shaft sabre is a decent callback to cutting in FPS games.

1. Aincrad Arc

Season 1, Episodes 1 to 14

A drawn-out series like Sword Art Online has its first circular segment as it’s generally notorious. The Aincrad Arc presents Kirito Kirigaya Kazuto and his incredible skill in the domain of web-based gaming. It’s essential for the unfortunate gamers not to log out of the new VR MMO “Sword Art Online”

at the command of its maker, Kayaba Akihiko. Assuming Kirito and the other caught gamers at any point wish to escape the game, they need to get the manager free from its highest level. In any case, there’s a trick: passing on in “SAO” signifies biting the dust. With “Aincrad” alluding to “Sword Art Online’s” game world,

the Aincrad Arc filled in as the strongest and the most direct of the series’ Arcs. Besides presenting Kirito and his best friends, it offers fair worldbuilding and a not good or bad account. Without a doubt, Aincrad comes up short on Progressive’s profundity of character advancement. However, it stays the ideal method for acquainting fans with the OG SAO experience.

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