What was Sylvie plan?

Sylvie plan: So in the last scene of Loki’s episode 2 we see Sylvie implanting all the reset charges

that she had stolen from the various TVA’s agents, but what was his exact plant, and

how did those reset charges create various branches of reality? So first of all, as we

know that reset charges are used to destroy the nexus point and also to demolish

the new branch of reality created. Now, suppose someone has used the reset charges

and has reset that branch of reality and again if that person uses the reset again on

Sylvie plan

the same place then the branch of reality that was destroyed would come back again

and that’s what Sylvie plan was. She wanted to create many branches of reality

and distract all the members of TVA so that she can reach the timekeepers. Now,

there are 2 possibilities from here, One is that she actually wants to kill timekeepers

and rule TVA and the other one is that she wants to destroy TVA. And to do any of

these things she had to distract all the members of TVA so that she can easily reach

to the timekeepers and then reach to her goal. And one thing was very clear that if a

Sylvie plan

branch crosses the red line then TVA cannot reset those branches of reality. So, when

many branches will arise, then TVA has to deploy its entire army to control the flow of

those branches and also protect and preserve the sacred timeline. So, this would be

the best time to attack the timekeepers because at that time they will be left alone

and once if anybody overtakes the position of timekeeper then he or she gets

the right to change anyone’s destiny as well.

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