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Tenten, a member of Team Guy, has a distinct combat technique as well as honorable values. Here’s what you might have dropped during her frequently quick on-screen appearances. At least in its early years, Naruto wasn’t exactly known for lavishing love on its female characters compared to their male counterparts. Sakura, the cast’s main’ kunoichi, doesn’t feel like she has much to offer compared to Naruto and Sasuke in their genin days, and the others don’t get enough screen time to add anything early on. 


1. When Tenten was a kid, he wanted to be a shinobi.

In a shinobi community, the most frequent aspiration for children is to grow up to be so powerful and revered that they are picked to head the village. Naruto and several of his pals aspired to be Hokage, but Tenten was not one of them. Tenten, on the other hand, likes and respects the Legendary Sannin, particularly Lady Tsunade. She wished to follow Tsunade’s footsteps as a skilled shinobi and medical ninja


2. Her first ambition is to become a legendary healer, similar to Lady Tsunade.

Tenten has been shocked by the events of Naruto. Tenten appears to be smitten with ninja tools from the start, and she wishes to become her brand of kunoichi with her unique fighting style. However, this isn’t how she starts; instead, she aspires to be a medical ninja, following Lady Tsunade’s footsteps. However, it’s a well-known fact that becoming a renowned medical ninja necessitates a tremendous level of chakra control, which not every shinobi possesses. 


3. What Blood Type Does Tenten Have?

Many of the key characters’ blood kinds are disclose in extra materials in the Naruto universe. That’s because, in Japan, there’s a popular personality notion that some personality traits are link to blood type. Tenten is Type B, according to the texts. Type B blood is describe as friendly, passionate, and creative. Of course, they can be impatient and dismiss others’ assistance. Tenten’s blood type is the same as Choji’s, Ino’s, and Naruto’s.


4. Tenten And Her Team Were Refused The Chance To Take The Chunin 

Exams Early Guy Fans of Naruto will be familiar with the Chunin Exams and Lee of Tenten’s outstanding contribution to the squad. He is the sole reason Sakura and the other members of Squad Seven have survived, although it is less well known that a single decision might have changed everything.

Given how excellent all three members of Tenten’s team are, they are give the option to take the Chunin Exams early. However, they decide to wait as a group since they all want to improve their talents before striving to become chunin.


5. In the Infinite Tsukuyomi, what did Tenten see?

In Naruto Shippuden, Tenten Awakens From The Infinite Tsukuyomi The Infinite Tsukuyomi was awaken during Naruto Shippuden’s Fourth Shinobi Globe War, forcing practically the whole world to be capture in the genjutsu that represente their darkest desires. As she discussed it with Neji Hyuga, Tenten said that she wanted Rock Lee and Might Guy to be less excited. But that wasn’t the end of it. Tenten’s experience in the Infinite Tsukuyomi was unlike many others in that she instantly realized she was in a genjutsu.


6. Tenten loves her team

Tenten is a lovely character who genuinely cares about her teammates, but that doesn’t change their varied energy levels. She prefers to move at a considerably slower pace than Might Guy and Rock Lee, two of the most enthusiastic and over-the-top ninjas in the entire series. Her Infinite Tsukuyomi dream is essentially a representation of her longing for her colleagues to act more maturely at times. She despises the intensive training and multi-day travels that her coworkers enjoy, and she treasures the days off she receives.


7. Tenten’s Weapon Shop began with her simply collecting ninja tools as a hobby. 

Tenten created her ninja tool shop, but it wasn’t something she had planned for her entire life. Instead, it began as a pastime for her, as she began collecting every ninja tool she could find from all around the world.

As her pastime progresses, she realizes that it could be more beneficial to share her enthusiasm about ninja tools with others who share her enthusiasm. As a result, she decides to create her weapon shop, and it’s exciting to witness her childhood interest blossom into an adult obsession.


8. Is she a believer in the paranormal?

In the Boruto series, there are two characters name Mirai and Tenten. Tenten is, on the whole, far more sensible and level-headed than her classmates. The light novels and the Boruto series,

on the other hand, demonstrate that she has some beliefs that her companions may not share. There are reports of a ghost at one of their destinations as she joins Mirai Sarutobi on a journey,

delivering tools to her before remaining to enjoy the hot springs. Rather than being terrifie or offering a rational explanation, Tenten is ecstatic at the idea of meeting a ghost. She is a firm believer in the more supernatural aspects of shinobi existence.

9. What is Tenten’s chosen career path?

In the Boruto series, Naruto and Tenten attend Tenten’s weapon show. In the Boruto series, we learn more about Tenten as an adult, much as we do with other characters from the original series. Tenten is still doing shinobi missions decades after the events of the original series, but Boruto also shows she has a new professional path. Tenten runs her own company in addition to gathering intelligence and training new shinobi.

10. What is one of her strange pastimes?

In Naruto Shippuden, Tenten Might Guy and Rock Lee attend Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. Tenten isn’t just interest in ghost hunting. According to the Naruto databooks, Tenten has a unique passion, in addition to her

training and love of weapons and hot springs: she enjoys fortune-telling. The manga and anime mostly go into great detail. It’s unclear whether Tenten enjoys attempting to read palms or write star charts herself or if she prefers to have others try to predict her destiny.

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