Counter-Strike: The gaming industry is growing very fast, as we search the game on online platforms there are lots of games. One can easily get confused in this but you are looking for a game that can be played with friends then one can play. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It one of the most popular games developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. Moreover, it is the fourth series of Counter-Strike. The developers still make regular updates in the game to make proper balance.


Gaming section
In the playing the game is divided into two teams one is Terrorists and another is Counter Terrorists. They play against each other in different modes. However, the most common mode is, the terrorist planting the booms and the Counter-Terrorists trying to stop them. Eight official game modes are in the playing section and each of them a different character. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive provides custom game modes and maps.

The Game received all positive reviews from the views or players. As its features are very good so the players like to play it more and due to regular changes it becomes the best. Moreover, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has different features between the console and PC versions


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