The 10 Lethal Cute Girls in anime

Lethal Cute Girls: As childish as they are (or may seem), an aura of extreme danger lurks around them. They may look cute, innocent, and inexperienced in all their facets, but as the saying goes: looks can be deceiving! They emit a pure and innocent smile at one moment, and at another moment, they talk a creepy atmosphere of pure killing intent.

Lethal Cute Girls

For this list, we consider female characters who are short in stature and enormous in blood. It may look adorable and non-threatening, but this could be your last downfall. Also, we will see a history of spoilers with an entry or two, so keep your head up. Here they are … from the deadly wonderland of the anime world:

10. Mariko Kurama

“Elfen Lied” (2004)

Our first force of nature on this list is so dangerous that she has spent her entire life locked in a high-security facility. Mariko has a compelling set of vectors that she can destroy almost anything in her path.

Due to all the experiments on her body, Mariko can barely move independently and uses a wheelchair most of the time. Even so, she pays ten times more for the torture inflicted on her back and receives a very disgusting kick.

Lethal Cute Girls

9. Elpeo Puru

“Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ” (1986-87)

Puru is a new artificially enhanced type who fights for Neo Zeon before defeating his brother Judau Ashita at the AEUG. Elpeo may seem like a hassle, but leave it under the control of a mobile suit, and everything will change.

She is a master at fighting portable cases and controls her Qubeley with the skills of a seasoned veteran. As one of AEUG’s best pilots, she is a power pack not underestimated on the battlefield.

Lethal Cute Girls

8. Beatrice

“Re: Zero” (2016)

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to your magic skills. Despite her stature, Beatrice is over 400 years old. As a result, her magic skill is almost second to none, and there are plenty of ways she can use it to kick some ass.

It all depends on the fact that how things are laid up for the time being. After making a contract with her is the flip that makes her a potentially deadly ally. Nevertheless, Beatrice`s power is undeniable, so maybe a little mana sapping isn`t so bad.

Lethal Cute Girls

7. Krul Tepes

“Seraph of the End” (2015)

Thanks to her Vampiric powers, this girl clocks in at almost 2000 years old. This single thing is enough to make her quite deadly who wants to cross her.

Age, experience, and much strength have earned her the title of Queen of Japan in her world. Several of her have questioned her right to the role of her queen, and Krul must always put these detractors in their rightful place at her feet. Anyone who made fun of her inappropriate outfit and pink hair would be warned not to suffer her anger.

Lethal Cute Girls

6. Hibana Daida (Lethal Cute Girls)

“Deadman Wonderland” (2011)

If you listen to the song “Undertaker”, we bet you never expected it. As the product of an abusive family, Haniba developed a very twisted sense of justice.

Before her role in Deadman Wonderland, she was known for torturing students who pranked her at school. Worrying, to say the least, Haniba is one of the scariest horrors awaiting anyone unlucky enough to visit Deadman Wonderland.

Lethal Cute Girls

5. Alluka / Nanika Zoldyck (Lethal Cute Girls)

“Hunter X Hunter” (2011-14)

Alluka seems to be the most harmless entry on this list. But she is here for a reason. She has a second personality named Nanika, but Alluka also grants all wishes, no matter how big they are.

However, this has a downside. With each wish fulfilled, Alluka demands more from each subsequent wish-maker. If these requirements are not met, death is certainly not only for the victim but also for her family.

Lethal Cute Girls

4. Kanna (Lethal Cute Girls)

“Inuyasha” (2000-10)

Sometimes it is the quiet ones who turn out to be the deadliest. Kanna may look like a ten-year-old girl. However, she is separated from the mad demon Naraku.

Armed with a mirror that can reflect even Inuyasha’s most potent attacks, Kanna proves to be a near-unbeatable opponent for our heroes. Rarely, and when he does, his words have an impact. Hell, honey, Kanna is just creepy.

Lethal Cute Girls

3. Sengoku Nadeko (Lethal Cute Girls)

“Monogatari Series” (2009)

It is challenging to be a girl in love at school. For Sengoku Nadeko, this comes with an unfortunate curse. Since she rejected the love of a classmate, Nadeko has suffered a life-threatening snake curse.

As she manages to fight it off, the curse is still trying to take over Nadeko’s mind, and she begins a slow spiral into madness. When she finally takes care of her, Nadeko goes from shy to insane. She can even use the snakes she once feared to confront her former teammates.

2. Mumei (Lethal Cute Girls)

“Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” (2016)

When the world goes to hell during a zombie apocalypse, you want to be surrounded by the best survivors. Mumei is surprisingly one of them. The reason she has such a staggering advantage over undead Kabane may have to do with the fact that she is a Kabane herself … Mumei underwent surgery to strengthen herself, becoming a half Kabane hybrid known as  Kabeneri.

This girl knows no fear and often goes headlong into an attack from Kabane and knocks them down singlehandedly. Before we reveal our top picks, here are some Honorable Mentions:

A – Sachiko Shinozaki”Corpse Party: Tortured Souls” (2013)

B – Henrietta”Gunslinger Girl” (2003-04)

C – Sugar”One Piece” (1999)

1. Illyasviel von Einzbern (Lethal Cute Girls)

“Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works” (2014-15)

Oh, Illya. She was enthralling and a girl who used to be such happy. That optimism that smile, how could this girl be our first choice?

Well, two things. First: the loss of hers by two of her parents after the Holy Grail War broke her spiritually, and second: in seeking answers from her, Illya also gained a great servant in Berserker. Illya’s restless mind makes her believe that anyone can bow to her state of mind, and if she doesn’t get in line, Berserker will bring her down with a smile on his face.

Does she agree with our list? What small but deadly threat is your first choice?

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