The Last Of Us HBO Series Cast: Sony is bringing the stealthy and terrifying survival horror game to HBO in 2023, with some well-known personalities assisting. This comes nine years after they first announced they’d be developing a movie off of the video game The Last of Us, and seven years after those plans fell through.

The Last of Us, based on the 2013 video game, is set in 2033, 20 years after the world’s population has collapsed. As a result, society has been destroyed by a brain infection caused by a fungus that initially drives victims violently insane and feral before destroying their eyes and forcing them to use echolocation to find people and rip their throats out. The cast’s current knowledge is summarized here.

The Last Of Us

Who is the Cast?

A few seasoned gamers from the video game industry, including a well-known zombie, are included in the cast that has been officially disclosed so far. Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, The Mandolorian), who has interactive experience from voicing Paolo in the 2016 sneaky action game Dishonored 2, was chosen by the producers to play Joel, the father figure, while Bella Ramsey, a co-star of Pascal’s from Game of Thrones, will portray Ellie and provided the voice for Freya in Doctor Who Infinity: The Dalek Invasion of Time. Merle Dandridge, who portrayed Marlene in the first game, is another option; she is from The Flight Attentant (and briefly the second).

TV and video game veterans like Gabriel Luna (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Terminator: Dark Fate) and Anna Torv (Fringe, Mindhunter; pictured above), who voiced Nariko in the action game Heavenly Sword and in the eponymous animated movie based on that game, will play Joel’s smuggling partner, Tess, respectively. Gabriel Luna has been cast as Tommy, Joel’s younger brother, while Anna.

The Last Of Us

The voice actors from The Last of Us video games will even be present in the cast. Ashley Johnson (Blindspot, Critical Role) and Troy Baker (Bioshock: Infinite, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) will also participate in the programme; their roles have not yet been made public. These two actors provided the voices of Joel and Ellie, respectively. Furthermore, Perry, a brand-new character on the show who was dubbed by Deadline as “…a rebel in a quarantine zone,” will appear on a regular basis in the Bosch voice of Jeffrey Pierce, who played Tommy on the show. Merle Dandridge, who provided Marlene’s voice in both games and The Flight Attendant, will also return in the programme.

The White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett and Chernobyl’s Con O’Neill will, according to Deadline, play “survivalists living alone in their own isolated town,” and Dumbo’s Nico Parker will guest star as Joel’s daughter, Sarah. Rounding out the cast will be Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman as the aforementioned Bill and The White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett.

The Last Of Us

Story of The Last of Us

As of now, HBO has just made a synopsis available: “After modern society has been wiped out for 20 years, the story takes place. Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, must be smuggled out of a strangling quarantine zone, so Joel, a seasoned survivor, is paid to do it. What begins as a simple job quickly develops into a torturous, sad trip as they both must travel across the United States and rely on one another to survive.”

The series will “cover the events of the original game,” according to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), with the potential for extra content based on the upcoming game sequel [The Last of Us 2].

According to a different source from the publication, “future seasons” are a possibility, indicating that this won’t be a Chernobyl-style miniseries but will instead last for several years. Many fans of The Last of Us 2 should be piqued by the mention of sequel storylines making their way into the HBO series.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes. Whether the first season will cover the complete first game’s events is not yet known.

The Last of Us co-creator Craig Mazin also suggested that the HBO series might be a more definitive rendition of the game’s narrative when he told the BBC, “In this case, I’m doing it with Neil Druckmann, and so the changes that we’re making are designed to fill out and spread, not to undo, but rather to inflate.” He also mentioned that a scene from the TV show that won’t be in the games will leave us in shock.

Ellie’s on-screen plotline in the programme will differ from the one in the game, according to Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie. “It was a great experience and fun to make. When people join us on our expedition, I hope they will also have that same experience.”

What is the best way to modify one of the most popular video games ever? likely with caution. Neil Druckmann, the creative director of The Last of Us, briefly discussed the difficulties in transferring the game’s narrative to HBO in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The Last Of Us, a Play Station 4 exclusive video game, is based on the well-known 2013 PlayStation game and takes place 20 years after a zombie epidemic on Earth. The cordyceps fungi, often known as the “Infected,” cause the dead to rise up from the dead and now cover people as well as other creatures.

The game chronicles the relationship that develops between Joel and Ellie, two strangers who travel across America together. Joel, a seasoned smuggler who has survived the pandemic since its inception, is charged with transporting Ellie, a 14-year-old girl who was born into it, across the nation.

Ellie has been bitten by an Infected but hasn’t turned into one, so she is immune to the epidemic, something Joel is unaware of. Marlene, Ellie’s guardian, sends Joel on a no-questions-asked mission to accompany her ward to the other side of the country, where Ellie will be slaughtered in order to develop a vaccine.

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