The SpongeBob Movie As someone who loves memes, you recognize

The SpongeBob Movie: I do SpongeBob features a special place in my heart so I wish I had better

news for you about this movie but it seems our friends within north Canada

who got this, uh last year are right that it’s it is a little underwhelming but

you recognize what’s interesting there’s always something interesting

right but what’s particularly interesting here you recognize you gotta

search for it right it’s up to you if the top of the day you’ve got an

honest time but SpongeBob Squarepants is such a phenomenon 13 billion in revenue

last they checked in 2019 well they made it public I’m sure that Viacom checks

the rock bottom line a day but mickey mouse the first plucky animated everyman

has been changed by Disney to be more

like SpongeBob that’s how popular SpongeBob

is and actually while watching this new movie put on the run

and having recently watched mickey’s

latest cartoons on Disney plus.

The SpongeBob Movie
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run REVIEW

Sponge on the run my favorite parts of the film were the start at

the Krusty Krab and that I really liked the planning of king

Poseidon’s Atlantic City but it had been just a background for

Flashbacks i wanted to ascertain more of the casinos i do know

that SpongeBob appeals to short attention spans as

i said that’s a part of his whole gimmick but i might have preferred

a movie about SpongeBob and Patrick just getting to Atlantic City

instead of the over-complicated kidnapping plot and every one the stops

that they had |they’d”> that they had to form to urge you recognize before

they need to Atlantic City, uh but there’s still a basic level of fun watching

SpongeBob and his friends that’s why they have been around for therefore

long and that I can’t believe that

I never realized until I used to be watching

this movie and that I was like who do all a number of the new voices here

like Poseidon uh I used to be like who are of these people you recognize

they had everyone all the voice actors did a very nice job the backgrounds

are so cozy then beautiful again

I actually particularly liked Atlantic City but

with the character animation it seems that the rounder uh brighter smoother

quiet depiction of the characters with their facial expressions

and stuff it just left a touch something to be desired it

Took a touch of the sting of which I hadn’t expected so if

you are a die-hard SpongeBob fan choose it.

So write your thoughts down below within the comment box and in fact, as always you’ll inspect some more of my blogs.

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