The compassion based on their head to head in battles. Here’s my list from weakest to strongest material :

8. Susanoo Stronger than gaara shield of sand, but destructible by tsunade and raikakge punch

7. Kekkei genkai (lava release, dust release) corrosive againts susanoo

6. Dust release Disintegrate anything into molecular level

5. Kusanagi Was mentioned as strongest material that can pierce through anything, also stronger than enma adamantine

4. nine tails chakra Kusanagi cant break through it, even only in 4 tails form. Amaterasu was also mentioned can burn anything therefor sasuke amaterasu cant burn Naruto 9 tails cloak. So this material was exception from “anything”.

3. Truth-seeking orbs Stronger than 9 tails cloak. Can perform strongest seal barrier that indestructible by 10 tails biju dama.

2. Susanoo + 9 tails chakra Slowly cracks obito SO6P sword

1. Night Guy chakra Can break truth-seeking orbs easily through madara black orb shield form, much easier than Susanoo + 9 tails have done against obito

In some case, material power depend on number of natural chakra it was endowed, although many kind of material have unknown natural chakra but considered very strong.


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