The Suicide Squad 2021 – Movie Review

The Suicide Squad 2021: Today we are getting to talking about

Suicide Squad (2021) which is a movie. The government sends

the most dangerous supervillains in the world to the remote

enemy infused The island of Corto Maltese which was armed

along with very high-tech weapons. they trekked all it through

the most dangerous jungle on a search and destroy mission

Welcome back movie watchers thank you guys for stopping

by my channel, the suicide squad is directe by James Gunn

The Suicide Squad 2021
The Suicide Squad 2021 – Movie Review

the director of guardians of the galaxy vol 1 and 2 is slithering

and super I was really looking forward to In this movie my

expectations were really high like a complete redo of 2016

David Ayer suicide squad film a couple of the cast members

do return from that film into the new suicide squad movie,

the suicide squad is everything

The Suicide Squad 2021

suicide squad from 2016 should have been this is a ballsy gory hard r rated heartfelt dc movie

and quite possibly their best one this movie is unapologetic

it is just absolutely insane like I said this is an r rated film

heavy r rate film there is lots of people’s faces being blown

off people are being kill left and right people are being

stabbed it’s just crazy and I’m glad that dc let James Gunn

do his thing because James Gunn is known for violence

before guardians of the galaxy vol 1 and 2. slither is just

straight gore and I’m glad that they just kind of gave him

The Suicide Squad 2021

a chance to just do what he wanted to do with the

suicide squad and it really paid off so the action and the

violence is definitely there and these are supervillains they

are killers and they don’t hold back that aspect for these

characters they give them a chance to be who they are in

the comics and in the movies that they’re super villains

that have killed plenty of people and they don’t hold back

on that at all and it’s fun to watch a couple of the characters

really interact with each other and try to outdo each other

The Suicide Squad 2021

when it comes to some of the violent scenes we do get some new cast members.

the characters really cared about here there’s a chance for

them to just feel human besides king shark there’s a lot of

well-written storylines for them a lot of backstories to really

just care about these characters and polka dot man has one

of the funniest storylines in here the film is aware of what it

is it’s a comic book movie but it’s ballsy it doesn’t really care

what comic book movies are about it’s trying to be its own

the fun thing is it’s unapologetic and at times I feel like it’s

The Suicide Squad 2021

making fun of comic book movies and it’s very self-aware

it’s just a film that took many chances some of the characters

the opening sequence the end of the film the storylines

James Gunn took a chance on a lot of things the way that

he crafted the story and it paid off James Gunn is aware

that these are super villains he’s aware that some of the

characters have odd designs and they’re odd characters but

he put them together in a film and gave them heart and gave

them fun action scenes

this movie is bonkers it is crazy it is just way out.

it’s a chance we don’t have to have like a setup for the

the character we know who Harley Quinn is we know-how

crazy she is and she just goes all out within this movie

the visuals look great the costume designs look great

the directing is great everything about this movie I found

to be really impressive it’s a movie that I had a lot of

expectations it’s a complete like redo for me of the

suicide squad film from years ago this is what that film

should have been it gave a heart it gave it fun moments

it gave it a lot of humor and it didn’t take itself too seriously.

it had been really fun to observe this movie. If I even have

missed any great point about this. Kindly comment below

so as that everyone can share We’ll be happy to inform

us about them within the comments So write your thoughts

down below within the comment box and truly as always

you’ll inspect some more of my blogs.

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