Dragon Ball Super: Although There are several franchises in the field of amine creation.

Dragon Ball Super: Yet Akira Toriyama is one of them,

actually which is a huge franchise and now it is getting bigger as well.

want to clear On Goku Day, the Toei Animation has announced recently that

they are going to release their brand new movie in 2022 soon. you must know.

Goku Day is known as, the franchise history day.

When the movie was announced, they have their celebrated 37th’ history

and the first new project of this movie

since DragonBall Super: Broly has debuted further.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super: The upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super in 2022

In short The DragonBall Super movie acts like the

previous one DragonBall Super Broly in fact,

which hits over 20 films and, animated TV series,

and countless video games in 2018 also.

most important thing is Toei animation says that

they are working on this movie since 2018

onwards but actually however they don’t have an official title for the movie.

They shared that the movie has a new feature and an unexpected character.

Toriyama worked on story development, dialogue, and design.

Moreover, they have promised that this film has some unexplored visuals that give the audience an amazing ride at all.

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