THE WHITE TIGER (2021): Today we taking about the white tiger movie.

THE WHITE TIGER (2021): when I watched the white tiger I found a comparison that

I feel would make john David Washington’s character very happy so yes I’m talking about

the white tiger a story that takes place in India written by an Indian author

became a movie by a filmmaker whose parents emigrated to us from Iran

with the lead character narrating his dramatic biography.

let’s first talk a touch bit more about books the white tiger great expectations

both of those are available. the white tiger-like dickens stories are about its country’s class system

and the way an ingenious person can work their high from rock bottom to the highest through

a surprising path you recognize that’s both their you recognize making their own luck and circumstance.

I love that stuff the white tiger also provides really interesting insight

not only into Indian society and culture but how people in India think and that

I loved this too it highlights India and china’s affinity for every other.

I mean I didn’t even believe this until I saw the movie but it makes perfect sense

these are two countries both destitute and opulent with massive populations poverty strong religion

and tens of thousands of years of history and that

I think someone considers a sense that that ought to count for something right.

If I even have missed any great point about this movie.

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