Thor’s Hammer: Top 10 Anime Characters who can lift it

Thor Hammer: Lifting Thor’s mallet, Mjolnir, requires a heavy, generous, and fearless heart. A couple of anime characters can pull it off. The domain of Japanese activity is loaded with an astounding assortment of brilliant and stimulating characters, particularly activity stars in the shonen and seinen experience series.

In numerous ways, these characters are like the superheroes of Marvel and DC funnies, and a significant number of them would feel comfortable in the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some anime characters could join the Avengers or assist Tony Stark with creating tech, while others may attempt to lift Thor’s mallet and employ its power for themselves.

Nonetheless, the prerequisites are somewhat extracted and fluctuate starting with one story then onto the next. However, generally, a commendable wielder will have a courageous and good nature and will consistently put the requirements of others before themselves. A couple of anime characters will qualify.

Thor Hammer

10. All Might Can lift Thor Hammer (My Hero Academia)

Extraordinary actual strength and superhuman status are not needed to use Mjolnir, yet that is as yet a decent beginning, and the invulnerable All Might balance this job with a brave heart deserving of lifting Thor’s mallet against the powers of insidiousness.

All Might is the image of harmony since he’s solid and because he experiences committed to protecting peace, equity, and the blameless against evil at the danger of his own life consistently. Therefore, this legend will readily bear the world on his shoulders to benefit all, and that makes him commendable.

Thor Hammer

9. Thors Can lift Thor Hammer (Vinland Saga)

He was once a glad Jomsviking fighter, yet he, at last, became worn out on trivial and hopeless slaughter, so he faked his passing and got away from that life alongside his new lady of the hour, Helga. Thors settled down on the shore of Iceland with his new family.

A long time later, Thors is solid and can bring down many men with his bare hands. Yet, more critically, he will readily give his life to safeguard others from damage, family or not, and he won’t battle for cash or popularity. He additionally comprehends that strength for the wellbeing of its own is insignificant, and an individual doesn’t have foes, just companions.

Thor Hammer

8. Captain Akitaru Obi Can lift Thor Hammer (Fire Force)

Chief Akitaru Obi of the eighth organization doesn’t have his start capacity, yet it appears he needn’t bother with one. He strives to keep himself in the top state of being, and he courageously takes on Infernal and white-clad cultists to ensure the entire Japanese Empire.

So he has a solid feeling of obligation that a couple can coordinate. Akitaru’s sacrificial boldness is actually what Thor’s mallet needs from its wielder,

and Obi would happily hazard his life or surrender it totally to save the world from a second Great Cataclysm. He’ll require Mjolnir to bring down the Evangelist and her flunkies for the last time.

Thor Hammer

7. Erza Scarlet Can lift Thor Hammer (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet is an S-positioned wizard in the Fairy Tail organization. Since the time of her girlhood, she has been an unbelievably courageous and gallant individual who will confront any chances for other people.

She drove the extraordinary getaway of the Tower of Heaven undertaking and afterward joined the Fairy Tail organization to proceed with her experience. Erza isn’t just a furious wizard in the fight. Yet, she is a caring one who has stretched herself to the edge for her guildmates,

and when everybody is upholding her in the soul, she knows no dread or wavering, even against Kyoka. Moreover, she has an individual connection to Jellal Fernandez, yet she might surrender that on the off chance that she wants Mjolnir to save the world.

Thor Hammer

6. Jonathan Joestar Can lift Thor Hammer (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

He was the primary Joestarhero to show up, and he was the star of the Phantom Blood story Arc. Jonathan liked himself an appropriate nobleman, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why. He will not spare a moment to jump into potential harm to ensure others,

and he never has any disdain or spite in his heart, all things considered just obligation. Jonathan took in the methods of Hamon to take on Dio Brando,

and he gave his very life to stop Dio one final time. Jonathan set an inconceivably high bar for all Joestar legends, and he is presumably the one in particular who could lift Mjolnir.

Thor Hammer

5. Commander Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan)

Commandant Erwin Smith drove the Scouts, and he had procured the complete regard of Captain Levi Ackerman, which isn’t difficult to do. Erwin Smith consistently had what it took to be an incredible pioneer and contender. In any event, when he lost an arm to the Titans,

everything he could ponder was getting everyone excited to proceed with the fight. In many respects, Erwin Smith is the Captain America of Attack on Titan,

an honorable and courageous pioneer with resolute determination and conviction to make the best decision. This implies he could get Mjolnir and crush a few Titans with it.

Thor Hammer

4. Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)

Kyojuro Rengoku was the Flame Hashira, a fighter who utilized furious fire-based assaults to forcefully cut evil presences separated without kindness. He likewise had a gung-ho and energetic character to coordinate with his component,

yet never was he crazy or presumptuous about it. On the contrary, he was shockingly unassuming in numerous ways. To Kyojuro Rengoku, the obligation was everything,

and he would prefer to bite the dust to a devil than become one to save his own life. Nevertheless, he had the mental fortitude, resolve, and generous soul to lift the sledge of Thor and crush a few evil presences with it.

Thor Hammer

3. Avatar Roku (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

In the Avatar cycle before Aang, Roku was a sort and benevolent Firebender who didn’t commend his country over all others. His companion, QueenSozin, felt suddenly. When he became Fire Lord, Sozin forcefully extended the mighty Fire Nation across the world, and the Hundred-Year War started.

Roku couldn’t acknowledge that, despite being a Fire Nation local himself. He defied his companion to secure the world and later gave his life to save individuals of a volcanic island from a staggering ejection. Roku would give anything for the world without a second thought, and that makes him deserving of Mjolnir.

2. Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

The adored Fourth Hokage, the young Minato Namikaze, was respected as the “Yellow Flash.” Like numerous anime characters deserving of lifting Mjolnir, he gave his very life for his obligation to other people.

Being Hokage implies being a daring chief who will hazard everything to ensure the Hidden Leaf Village. Minato was a splendid and daring contender who could utilize the Rasengan strategy

and instant transportation Jutsu to overpower his adversaries, and he gambled everything to safeguard the town from the Nine-Tailed Fox (Kurama) and Madara Uchiha’s plotting. If by some stroke of good luck, he had Mjolnir with him, as well.

1. King Arthur (The Seven Deadly Sins)

King Arthur is an anime character approximately dependent on a similar person of British legend, the extraordinary ruler of the Bretons

who safeguarded his properties from Germanic trespassers in the early Middle Ages. The Sins adaptation of the person has a comparably honorable heart, and he is an adored pioneer by many. Ruler Arthur frequently helps out the Seven Deadly Sins to guard Camelot

and different terrains from the Ten Commandments or other enemies. He has the great fortitude to set out his life to protect his subjects on the off chance that need be. Unquestionably he could lift Mjolnir off event that his trusty sword bombs him.

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