We all have seen How Thanos used time stone to bring Vision back to life

Time stone: in the Avengers Infinity War so now the question arises that

if Thanos can use the timestone to bring vision back why didn’t Doctor Strange used it to bring Tony back.

So let’s analyze the question and try to answer it!

First of all let us imagine Doctor Strange tries to bring Tony back by using the timestone.

So, for that first of all Doctor Strange have to take the timestone

from Iron Man’s gauntlet and then use the timestone to go back in time

But, if Doctor Strange tries to go back in time then there would be one point in time at which the time

stone has to be in the gauntlet of Iron man, but the same timestone

cannot be present at two different places at the same time.

Hence, it is not possible to use the timestone to bring back tony as the timestone

will go back to Tony’s gauntlet while Doctor Strange is using the timestone

and thus the process will get hindered.

Time stone
Dr. Strange: Why didn’t Doctor Strange destroyed the time stone, Thanos would not be able to get the time stone

Second reason for the same is that even if Doctor Strange used time stone to go back in time

then everything will go back in time and hence if everything will go back in time

then the effect of tony’s snap will also have vanished and Thanos

and his army might come back as well along with Tony.

So I guess Doctor Strange also, must have thought about all the possibilities

and he must have taken the decision of not using time stone to bring back Tony.

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