Time travel rules in MCU

Time travel is very simple in MCU and discussion on how time works are going on

in marvel starting from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the endgame. But how does time

works in Marvel? Time travel is a great thing and if it is not done carefully the

results can be disastrous. So first of I will explain, what exactly time travel is as

in Marvel comics and then we will see time travel in Marvel cinematic universe.

In the comics, there are two ways of traveling in time one is science-based and

the other is magic-base. Science-based as the name is self-explaining its meaning

and the other one magic-based is via the time stone, time stone allows

Doctor strange to go back in time, see multiple futures and create time loops.

Time travel

But in Marvel cinematic universe the time travel is different, so in Marvel

is purely science-base and it works on the principles of quantum mechanics that,

there are multiple parallel universes existing and hence going back in time would create

a different timeline and a different branch of reality there and hence whatever happens

in that timeline remains in that timeline only and will not affect any other timeline or

any other reality. For example, if you go back in time from your timeline and somehow

manage to kill Thanos then also there would be no change in your timeline rather it

Time travel

would create a different timeline and a different reality in which no Thanos would be there.

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