How each Tobi Roppo member was defeated?

Tobi Roppo: Some people seem to be very disappointe by the performance of Tobi Roppo since they were massively hype for their durability and fighting prowess People feel that they were taken down too easily.

I would like to counter this thought and propose that there is no doubt that Tobi Roppo is extremely powerful

but we’ve just underestimat the Straw Hat crew in this war, and also we have underestimate how each Tobi Roppo member was defeate.

Tobi Roppo

Let’s look at how each Member was defeated

A) Who’s Who was taken out by Jinbe. We know that Jinbe is a beast. Schichibukai level (literally was one) and an absolute veteran of the seas.

jimbe fought Ace for 5 continuous days ON LAND he blocks a punch from Akainu and takes the same shot that kills Ace.

After the Time skip his battle prowess at Whole Cake Island (Quelling Big Mom’s hunger pangs,

using tea to rescue Luffy from Katakuri, sending Big Mom flying into the ocean) has shown that Jinbe exists

as an entity by himself, to the point where even the CP-O doubted if Who’s Who had a chance. For a Tobi Roppo to be taken down by an enraged Schichibukai seems fair.

Tobi Roppo

B) Black Maria was beaten by Robin, with fantastic support from Brook (he froze her webs, put out her fires, and took out her main weapon).

Robin then had to use a hitherto in a never seen BADASS form to subdue BlackMaria and break her spine.

For a Tobi Roppo to be taken down by a semi-combination of two Straw Hats, with the main fighter debuting an ultimate move form also seems fair.

Tobi Roppo

C) Sasaki was taken down by Franky in his General Shogun mecha. Franky repeatedly says that Sasaki has been tanking a multitude of his finishing moves. The Iron Pirate is the result of Franky’s 2 years of Time skip and its invulnerability as a good showcase in previous fights. The fact that Sasaki was able to handle and shatter the Iron Pirate is also a huge deal. The fight was General Shogun v/s Sasaki, and Franky only won because he was a separate entity inside. For a TobiRoppo to be taken down by something that even took the World’s greatest builder, 2 years to make.

Tobi Roppo

Tobi Roppo member

D) Ulti got Zapp by BigMom and would have murder Namissop if Zeus had not amplify and land the attack.

For a Tobi Roppo to be taken down by a hybrid weapon (made through the fusion of weird Weatheria science and Yonko’s soul) seems fair.

Tobi Roppo

E) Page One got taken down by Big Mom She is so enrage at Tama and the village’s fate

that she lands a Conqueror’s Haki-infuse infuriate smash. For a Tobi Roppo to be taken down by BigMom punching him in the face (with the rage of Luffy vs. a CelestialDragon) seems fair.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this Does anyone still feel Tobi Roppo was weaker than expecte? Or does it seem fair like the breakdown suggests?

If I even have missed any great point about this topic Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share

We’ll be happy to inform us about this within the comments. So write your comments down below within the comment box you’ll inspect some more of my blogs.

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