Top 10 Anime Protagonists who are weak against one thing

Anime Protagonists: There is no legend that is invulnerable. But, unfortunately, even the most overwhelmed anime saints can have a shortcoming. With regards to heroes in anime, they can either be incredibly feeble or even excessively overwhelmed. Notwithstanding, there is no strong legend, even the most overwhelmed anime saints can have a shortcoming.

A shortcoming is something that a saint can’t conquer regardless of how they attempt. Some of the time, heroes can have numerous shortcomings or even only one.

Although most anime series are adorned a lot, shockingly, the legends’ shortcomings can be pretty straightforward as not having the option to swim or, in any event, having movement ailments. It is entertainingly that some anime saints have one shortcoming that is so basic, yet it leaves the legend helpless.

Anime Protagonists

10. One Piece, Luffy’s gets Weak in water, He Can’t Swim

In the One Piece universe, it is realized that clients who have burned-through Devil Fruit can’t swim. This incorporates Luffy. Whenever he is lowered in a waterway, he loses his entire existence and can’t move.

Albeit the Devil Fruit powers give him massive capacities like strength, speed, reflexes, etc. when he contacts a waterway, this multitude of extraordinary powers stop existing, and he becomes defenseless.

Anime Protagonists

9. My Hero Academia-Tokoyami Can’t Stand the Light (Anime Protagonists)

Tokoyami is an understudy that goes to U.A. Secondary School for legends in preparing. Tokoyami’s Quirk is called Dark Shadows, which permits him to bring a dull shadow animal from his body.

This Quirk is ostensibly one of the most grounded in the school. Nonetheless, it has one shortcoming: light. At the point when this dim shadow is presented to light, it withers and turns out to be perceptibly debilitated.

Anime Protagonists

8. Inuyasha’s Weakness Is The Phrase “Plunk Down.” (Anime Protagonists)

The nominal Inuyasha is an incredible half evil presence, a half individual with godlike strength, and is very impolite. Regardless of all of this, his one shortcoming is Kagome and the power she has over him.

Inuyasha wears jewelry that he can’t remove. This neckband enables Kagome to cause Inuyasha to plunk down when she orders him to “plunk down.” Thus, whenever Inuyasha disturbs Kagome or is discourteous, she can essentially express “plunk down” to quiet him down.

Anime Protagonists

7. In Fairy Tail, Natus, and other slayers suffer From Motion Sickness

Natsu and the other Dragon Slayer Magic clients’ one shortcoming is an awful instance of movement disorder. It is said that once a Dragon Slayer comes to a specific level in their mysterious excursion, they foster movement infection.

This is because the mythical serpent’s visual limit can’t deal with a human’s crescent channels. So along these lines, Natsu and different clients are pointless in any fight once they get movement ailment.

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6. Fullmetal Alchemist’s Roy Mustang’s gets Weak against Rain

Colt’s speculative chemistry power depends on blazes. Hence, during the downpour, he can’t utilize these powers. Due to this shortcoming, Mustang is normally prodded for not having the option to light his flams when it is moist or when it’s pouring.

Colt doesn’t allow his shortcoming to outdo him. Although he can’t utilize his speculative chemistry power in the downpour, Mustang can, in any case, battle in close battle and can use any weapons with phenomenal abilities.

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5. Soul Eater, Death The Kid gets Weak Towards Asymmetry (Anime Protagonists)

Being simply the child of Death, one would figure Death The Kid would have no shortcomings by any means. However, that isn’t true. Passing The Kid is fixate on balance, and when something isn’t even, he closes down.

To Death The Kid, the deviation is identical to the furthest limit of the world; the littlest things can cause him to have a significant fit of anxiety or even weak. In one scene, Death The Kid even had a fit of anxiety when composing his name on his test.

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4. Sanji in One Piece-Weakness towards Women (Anime Protagonists)

Sanji is known to be the women’s man in One Piece, and he has pronounce that he is a man intend to cherish ladies instead of being their companion. Since he is a particularly women’s man, this has at last turned into his one shortcoming.

Sanji can’t battle or hit ladies regardless of whether she is attempting to kill him. Fans additionally guess that this shortcoming was cause because Zeff the Chef said he would eliminate one of Sanji’s body parts in case he at any point hit a lady.

Anime Protagonists

3. My Hero Academia-Aoyama’s Weakness when shoots laser from Tummy

Aoyama’s Quirk is a laser that shoots out of his stomach, and this laser is so solid it can pierce through anything. In any case, this definite Quirk has one disadvantage: utilizing it for over one second gives Aoyama an awful stomach hurt.

The aggravation Aoyama feels in his stomach in the wake of utilizing his Quirk is so severe it makes him twofold over in torment, delivering him pointless in the fieriness of things. Eventually, it’s difficult for Aoyama to utilize his Quirk because of the significant results.

2. Fire Force’s Arthur’s Weakness When He doesn’t Feel Knight

Arthur has substantiated himself to be one of the most grounded Fire Soldiers in the Force, and this is all gratitude to his fancies. Arthur was desert as a kid, and to adapt, he made up a dream in his mind. Presently, these chivalrous dreams fuel his powers and strength.

This chivalrous dream is additionally Arthur’s most significant shortcoming. At whatever point, Arthur doesn’t feel chivalrous; he separates and becomes futile in any fight.

1. Pandora Hearts-Gilbert Nightray Weakness towards Cats (Anime Protagonists)

Gilbert is a gifted double-employing gun client who has a great point. He isn’t just a gift at the battle, however, as Gilbert is likewise knowledgeable about family tasks since he used to be a worker at a young age.

There is just something single that can debilitate the incomparable Gilbert, and that is felines. Regarding a cat, Gilbert is hauntingly frightening of them and will even become ill at seeing one. Gilbert’s fear of felines has turned into his most noteworthy shortcoming.

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