Top 10 best Chinese Drama about time travel

Chinese Drama about time travel: Everyone loves Chinese drama nowadays but they come in different genres, like Action, adventure, romance, and much more. There is an interesting genre as well which is a time travel genre. The time travel genre is of unique genre which tells us about history

but also keeps connected us to the present. By watching these Chinese dramas anyone can get the touch of the past history in this modern world. People love these dramas because they contain everything such as romance, adventure, and other stuff which makes them a good combo. So here is the list of the top 10 best Chinese dramas based on the time travel.

Chinese Drama about time travel

1. My assassin girlfriend (Chinese Drama about time travel)

My assassin girlfriend is one of the best time travel anime which tells the story of a king who rules over an empire that is full of corrupt officials. He is about to get assassinated by a female assassin when he uses his time traveling watch, which brings them to the new china in the present times. He, his royal guard, and his assassin girl live in the city of china. The king takes the identity of the rich successor of the Bai group. However, problems are everywhere the new one being that they don’t recognize each other.

Chinese Drama about time travel

2. Hello Ancestor

The hello ancestor is one of the versatile shows which has everything such as Romance, drama, and comedy. You can binge-watch the show since the show is already completed so you should watch for the spoilers. The story is about a man who almost dies in a war

but he is mysteriously saved by a being from another world. But he gets in a long sleep of many years and wakes up in 2020, where he realizes that he has superpowers and now he should help everyone from the dangers which are following them.

Chinese Drama about time travel

3. Suddenly Seventeen (Chinese Drama about time travel)

Another one of the best drama series on the list, the story is different from others. The story follows some characters who mysteriously travel back 10 years in time and try to make up for the mistakes they will do in the future. Mao ling and Liang Xia travel back in time and found themselves as teenagers. The story is about the characters who get helped by these two so the story doesn’t only focus on these two but rather focuses on every character which makes the show more versatile.

Chinese Drama about time travel

4. Tang Dynasty tour

you must have come across many Chinese dramas which are based on Tang Dynasty so here is the full tour of it. The Tang Dynasty is about an Archaeologist who travels to the past in search of something. When he is on an expedition, he gets caught in a sandstorm and finds himself waking up in Tang Dynasty. He does his best to survive in this world but he has to earn his place in the royal palace. later, he becomes friends with the prince himself and also finds his lover who doesn’t know him now.

Chinese Drama about time travel

5. To get her (Chinese Drama about time travel)

To Get Her is another good series on the list, the story is about a popular singer who suddenly gets trapped in video games. The drama mainly focuses on his girlfriend as she tries to protect him. She has to get in the game as the bad princess who is the villain of the game. But the actor is not interested in getting out of the worl

as he is only interested in the music which is in the game. He considers her as the enemy and tries to get away from her while she continuously tries to save him and send him to the real world.

Chinese Drama about time travel

6. Cinderella chef

As the name suggests, the show is based on the life of a modern-era girl who is sent back in the time to the ancient period. But things don’t go as planned and she gets kidnapped by the bandits as she wakes up in that world. Later she gets married to the leader of the tribe in order to survive and doing this will only increase her problems. Watch the show as she tries her best to get to the place where she came from.

Chinese Drama about time travel

7. See you again (Chinese Drama about time travel)

See you again centers on a woman who falls into a coma. Her sleep is so deep that she travels back in time ten years back, to her university days. the woman finds herself in a place where she hasn’t met her boyfriend yet. She then finds her future husband at that time

and also changes the future of her relatives and friends for the better. She then finds that her future will be changed if she continues to live in this world which makes her worried and also changes some of the future parts of her life.

Chinese Drama about time travel

8. Closer to you

Closer to you is another high school drama on the list, that covers societal problems in the modern-day world. Show centers on the story of the man who is a handsome surgeon, who travels back in time to his high school years. He then tries to change something in the past about

the classmate to change her tragic future not knowing that it will only cause more trouble for her. The Chinese drama is very emotional and can be seen with family.

9. Lost love in times

Another historical Chinese drama in the list is about a prince and a witch who fall in love with each other. They want to marry each other but from the places they belong, they won’t be able to do it in their whole life. They want to live a good life but the people won’t let them live in the world. Watch the chinese drama as they fight with everyone in the world to be together.

10. Scarlett’s heart (Chinese Drama about time travel)

This history-based Chinese drama focuses on a girl from modern-day China who gets into an accident and then waked up in the royal palace. She finds out that she has been traveling back in time

and now she is in the body of her old one in the past. Later she becomes the victim of palace corruption and finds herself in a love triangle. The Chinese drama has some best moments which will be remembered for a long.

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