Top 10 Bloodiest Anime Characters to have ever featured

Bloodiest Anime Characters: I’ve watched a lot of action anime lately, and I get burned to hear the reluctant main characters scold and moan about having to fight and hurt people. So who are some of the main characters that were thrown in and enjoyed the carnage?

Below is the list of some of the bloodiest Anime Characters.

Bloodiest Anime Characters

10. Stain

“My Hero Academia” (2016)

Cleaning up fake idols is a chaotic affair, but the killer hero has never lacked conviction Believing that the new society of heroes is littered with fakes that don’t adhere to true hero principles, Stain is a one-person army determined to kill the population of cloaked crusaders, usually with a sword to their faces.

With his quirk that allowed him to paralyze an opponent from indigestion in his blood, Stain collected many corpses during his tenure and even served as inspiration for a new generation of murderous monsters after capturing him.

Bloodiest Anime Characters

9. Rize Kamishiro

“Tokyo Ghoul” Series (2014-18)

When the most notable trait of your species involves humans, the nickname of the compulsive eater awakens an entirely different level of fear. Rize lives up to her moniker and is devoted to her voracious nature to the point where she is ready to defy the laws of ghoul justice and continue to feed frenziedly to satisfy regardless of the consequences of her cravings Not that she had to try too hard. With such a seductive human appearance, her dinner was practically served for her. Ask Kaneki…Lol

Bloodiest Anime Characters

8. Shin

“Dorohedoro” (2020)

Even among the wildest magicians, Shin is a force of nature. And by that, we mean that he likes to open someone’s head with the back of a hammer. Even with his smoke allowing him to slice through targets at will, Shin’s preferred method of violence is to jump into the fray and hit the closest mark he can find.

As you can imagine, this makes him an ideal enforcer for a mobster like En. That shouldn’t stop you from thinking that he’s a nice guy.

Bloodiest Anime Characters

7. Raian

“Kengan Ashura” (2019)

As an elite assassin, the Kure clan is known for doing their job no matter what. It’s never personal, and it’s just business. It is not something that concerns the black sheep of the clan.

As one of the most vital members of the Kure, Raian wholeheartedly enjoys the violence and murder that comes with his job, which is evident throughout his participation in the Kengan tournament. Given his incredible martial arts and mastery of distance, he can’t be blamed for taking pride in his abilities. Hey, everyone can enjoy his work!

Bloodiest Anime Characters

6. Ladd Russo

“Baccano!” (2007)

Some gangsters are there for profit, others for survival reasons, while some have no other choice. Then there is Ladd; that he loves killing above all else and is overjoyed when he gets a chance to spoil a poor bastard, be it with a hail of bullets or a physical attack.

Ladd’s psychopathy runs so deep that he doesn’t even love her girlfriend. Yet, he loves the idea of killing her in stride. The dude is a sick puppy, but he’s dress like hell.

Bloodiest Anime Characters

5. Elsa Granhiert (Bloodiest Anime Characters)

“Re: Zero – Starting Life in another world” (201621)

Is it dazzling? Much. Does he get his kicks by ripping out his victims’ guts and playing with them? Unfortunately, the very archenemy of Subaru, Elsa, is the worst kind of assassin you can imagine. Her deaths are never quick, and she enjoys every moment of suffering that she can get out of it. If you fall in love with the cunning charms of her, you are guarantee an excruciating ending.

Bloodiest Anime Characters

4. Goblin Slayer (Bloodiest Anime Characters)

“Goblin Slayer” (2018)

Hey, someone has to kill those little green idiots, and who better for the job than a fully armored adventurer with a D&D size vendetta? So after his sister is kill by the tiny hands of a pack of goblins, the nameless warrior dedicates his life to hunting them.

No matter what size they are, Goblin Slayer will use whatever is available to them to exterminate their race. Hell, you give him some rope and a roll of the dice, and he’ll make sure to knock it down.

Bloodiest Anime Characters

3. Nosferatu Zodd (Bloodiest Anime Characters)

“Berserk” Franchise (1997-2017)

This apostle wanders from the battlefield to the battlefield and lives to fight. Zodd’s immense size and strength always looking for more vigorous opponents surpass the average warrior, and only a guy like Guts can stand up to his might.

Zodd naturally lets the bull out of the enclosure if he finally finds a worthy opponent, revealing a demonic form that few can hope to overcome. If you see this man in a war zone, you run because you will not survive for a second unless you are arme with a dragon slayer.

2. Alucard (Bloodiest Anime Characters)

“Hellsing Ultimate” (2006-12)

What kind of vampire would he be if he didn’t like to suck the blood of his victims most violently? While he often spends his night slaying demons, evil priests, and vampires, Alucard is a monster through and through who relishes the opportunity to let go of the sadist inside of him.

Whether it’s with his weapons, his teeth, or unleashing the millions of souls trapped in him, Alucard is a tool of death, always eager to drink the next bite.

1. Hisoka (Bloodiest Anime Characters)

“Hunter x Hunter” (201114)

This twisted mindset defines Hisoka’s entire existence by defeating those of greatest strength and dominating those with the potential to become truly powerful I still have his memories, when I used to watch him back in the time His prolific bloodthirst for battles and toying with solid enemies has always had me gripped.

His lust also increased with his bloodthirst Hisoka fight with Gon, Chrollo is something that has me Goosebumps. For him, his killer instinct is not so much a tool to use in the heat of the moment as an insatiable drug, a complement to the carnage, which forces him so much that he finds strong opponents … exciting. Scary

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