C Drama based on Zero to Hero: Everyone at one time in their life wants to become a hero. But not many of them can do big in their life due to circumstances and many other things. Everyone wants to go hero from Zero and to get motivation here are some of the Chinese Drama series based on how one goes from being a Zero to becoming everyone’s hero. Here in this list, there are top 10 underdog Drama series that will blow your mind and motivate you to do some good things in your life that benefit everyone. So let’s get into the list.

10. The King’s Avatar

If you are into watching series with some scientific and game genres, this Chinese Drama is made for you. The series follows the life of an Elite gamer whose only source of earning is playing video games. When he is forced out of his professional team

which he has been playing for so long he comes up with an idea to start his own internet cafe and becomes the manager of the cafe. He then starts exploring some other businesses but there are things waiting for him on this journey. The Chinese Drama is available on Netflix.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

9. Douluo Continent

This action fantasy adventure drama is very famous among the youth. The story is about Tang San who wants to become a soul master in the DOjo. In the journey, he sees many ups and downs

and also while protecting his loved ones from the danger they are facing. His ultimate mission is to bring honor to his sect, help his country and become the sole master. The Chinese drama is full of good action scenes and fights.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

8. LORD Critical world (C Drama based on Zero to Hero)

As the 7th Duke of the Land, the story is about Yin Chen, who has the power to control wind, fire, water, and earth whenever he wants. In one of the important things he tries to protect his disciple Qi Ling, he just discovers an earth-shattering secret. The story is full of things such as Emporers, fighting for power, and other major battle things which will be enjoyed by everyone.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

7. Sword Dynasty (C Drama based on Zero to Hero)

The story is about a weak sword cultivator, and his friends when they get attacked by the powerful demons and sorcerors they wow to take revenge against them. They set out to overthrow the tyrannical Kingdom of Wu ruled by a formidable Sword Sorceress and Sorcerer couple while pursuing their dreams of a ‘Sword Dynasty‘.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

6. Ever Night (C Drama based on Zero to Hero)

Another Chinese Drama based on the Tang Dynasty. When the family is unjustly slaughtered by a great general, only a  boy named Nin Kew escapes. He can manage to survive in the wilderness using his wit and murder. One day he dug up a  girl named Sansan from a pile of corpses. Watch the show to witness some of the greatest scenes and mystery reveals.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

5. Legend of Fei (C Drama based on Zero to Hero)

Legend of Fei is another masterpiece on the list which is must watch for everyone. This series tells the story of the growth of warrior Zhou Fei through an adventure with travel entertainer and traveler Xie Yun in a time when the influence and power of the martial arts world has declined

and is confused by the great mystery of 20 years. Before, it’s about to be revealed. This drama has everything which includes friendship, romance, revenge and other things which cant be described here, you should watch this yourself and find out about the things.

4. The world of fantasy

This drama is kind of different from other dramas because this drama takes you to another world which is in the mind of the main character. The story is about an amnesic man who after facing many difficulties in his life sets out

on a new journey in the spirit world. Qin Lei (Fan Chengcheng) is unexpectedly involved in a conspiracy. Together with his childhood friend Ling Yushi (Cheng Xiao) and their passionate companions, they embark on a journey to improve themselves while defending the empire. Along the way, Qin Lei is trying to discover his unique pedigree.

3. The blessed girl (C Drama based on Zero to Hero)

This fantasy drama is set in the ancient world of Sichun, where the world is full of corruption, despair, and other bad things because the goddess who was responsible for maintaining the balance has left humans. A warrior sets out on a journey to bring back the goddess to earth and restore the balance on earth. Will he be able to do it? Find out in the Chinese Drama. How mysteriously beautiful this fantasy world looks, especially the wonderful flying fish ship needs to be given the highest rating. The problem is that the plot reaches its climax at this point and meanders before dragging into an unobtrusive and inadequate ending.

2. Dance of the sky empire

Another fantasy drama on the list shows the development of the main character. The story is about a man who is half-human and half-demon named Li Xuan who breaks into the temporal world of humans. The story continues with Lee Suan,

who is working on his responsibility to protect his various pedigrees and his relationship with the demon tribal spy Sue Yuling and his human lover. The Chinese drama features good content which is watchable by everyone who is trying to find a great Chinese drama to watch.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

1. Legend of the awakening

The story is set in a world where the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms share common boundaries with each other. A young man, Lu Oing escapes the wicked forces of Shanghai Tower and discovers his spiritual identity in a moment of enlightenment. Later he starts to train and grow under his master and also meets new people on the journey. All is going well until he finds out that his relationship is with others is being threatened by evil people and now he has to fight with everyone in order to protect everyone.

C Drama based on Zero to Hero

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