Heartbreaking deaths in marvel cinematic universe

Deaths in marvel: As in the Real-world no one is immortal

and everyone has to go to leave this world.

similarly, in this world of superhero movies, many new superheroes come

and many old superheroes die as usual and some superheroes can even many times

come back after dying But there are some superheroes

that actually create a long-lasting and nonerasing impact in the mind

and heart of viewers we can’t imagine that they will die and

when they die all the viewers get shattered and a deep long-lasting pain is left in their hearts

And the worst thing is that we lose a superhero or a person

who is very close to the audience’s heart in fact at that moment

when it is least expected that such type of thing is going to happen further?

most important thing is that our mind is never ready to accept the loss.

In fact in my opinion the most uncertain thing in this world after crypto is the superheroes movies.

Deaths in marvel
Deaths in marvel: Top 10 heartbreaking deaths in marvel cinematic universe

Here i am going to show the heart breaking deaths.

In this list, I have mentioned the most heartbreaking deaths in the entire marvel cinematic universe.

I have included only those deaths that created a huge impact in the heart

and life of all the marvel fans and their loss can never be forgotten indeed.

in short, we can say Their deaths have left a big hole in all the audience’s hearts which can never be filled further.

So here goes the list in descending order starting from number 10 to number 1.

  1. Phil Coulson: The Avengers
  2. Yondu: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
  3. Howard and Maria Stark: Captain America Civil War
  4. Odin: Thor Ragnarok
  5. Vision: Avengers Infinity War
  6. Gamora: Avengers Infinity War
  7. Black Widow: Avengers Endgame
  8. Bucky Barnes: Captain America: The First Avenger
  9. Loki: Avengers Infinity War
  10. Iron Man: Avengers Endgame


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