Advertisement Top 10 Facts About Luffy 1 -> Luffy Get 300,000,000 Beli Bounty in just Age 17

Luffy 2 -> Luffy is simple minded and doesn’t seem to be very brilliant, however he is a genius when it comes in to fight.

Luffy 3 -> Luffy is very loyal to his other friends and crewmates, but he lose his temper quickly if they are harm in anyway.


4 -> Luffy also believe that all people should be loyal to their Friends, and if Luffy see anyone

betraying their own comrades, he would stand up for the victim (even if they are enemies)


5 -> Luffy never kills any of the His enemies (no matter how cold-heart they are)


6 -> Luffy Straw hat, given by Shanks is actually belong to {Pirate King} Gol D Roger himself.


7 -> he was a actually very good swimmer before eating his devil fruit. after that He

lost his swimming as devil fruits  eater have side effects.


8 -> Only one of the several million people have this ability to use King Haki. This type of Haki

allows the user to exert their willpower over others. It is said that who ever possesses this type

of King Haki has the qualities of a king.

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9 -> his Right Hand Man Is Zoro and also Zoro is vice captain too


10 -> Lhe had a punch as powerful as a pistol even at seven years of age.


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