Top 10 Fantasy Chinese Drama you must watch

Fantasy Chinese Drama: Chinese dramas are probably the most-watched drama series in recent times. Chinese dramas are in various genres with different stories. There are genres like fantasy, action, thriller, and many more. Today,  I have prepared a list of the 10 best fantasy drama series which will make your binge-watching experience better. There are at least 8 episodes in the series which i have mentioned here in the list. So let us get started:

Fantasy Chinese Drama

10. Legend of the ZU mountain

The legend of the ZU mountain has 56 episodes that are very watchable. The series follows Green Cape(Nick WU), a dangerous swordsman who is searching for a very powerful stone known as Scarlett stone, but the stone is protected by Mt.ZU Sect, a very famous and influential martial arts school in China. To protect the stone from the Green cape, the Headmaster of the school puts the precious scarlet stone in the body of the talented young swordman named Din YEn. Watch the show as to how Din Yen protects the stone from the dangerous green cape.

Fantasy Chinese Drama

9. The Destiny of the White snake

The destiny of the white snake is a heart-touching story between an immortal being and a human. Bai Yao Yao, a white snake roaming in the mortal world falls for XU Xuan, the master of MEdicinal Valley. They live happily in the love but their life changes when another green snake also falls for her and things become even more difficult when a snake catcher follows them.

Fantasy Chinese Drama

8. Imperial Doctors (Fantasy Chinese Drama)

Long ago, The Tan family is the only family which produced many doctors in every generation, but they are framed by their enemies and left to live in the world. The court orders them that their future generation is forbidden from practicing medicine. But later a kind, intelligent, and talented Tan Yunxian secretly learns the art of traditional Chinese medicine from her grandmother and helps to cure plagues. But later she is also followed by enemies. Will she be able to protect herself from the enemies watch the show to find out?

Fantasy Chinese Drama

7. Swords of the legends (Fantasy Chinese Drama)

Another adventure thriller Chinese drams in the list, the Chinese drama focuses on the time of the Tang Dynasty, Baili Tusu is mysteriously infected with a demonic sword known as the Sword of Burning Solitude. Later, he is befriended by two fighters who are on the search for a magical jade

that can be used to create a resurrection elixir. Later one of them meets a mysterious girl and they all embark on the journey together not knowing the dangers they will be facing later.

Fantasy Chinese Drama

6. Candle in the Tomb (Fantasy Chinese Drama)

The series is about an adventurer named Hu Ba Yi, who is a master in tomb configuration, which he learned from books found in their antique stores. He was saved in an avalanche using his knowledge which is why it is very useful for them. Hu Ba Yi with his friends try to explore the famous Ghost cave in the Taklamakan Desert. He helps them to find the caves and predict the future moves but later they find out that everything they have through was already planned. This series is full of surprises.

Fantasy Chinese Drama

5. Wu Xin: The monster killer

Immortal wu Xin is a creature who is living with a curse of eternal poverty in his luck due to misdeeds he has done. He has no past memories of his own, he doesn’t even know where he came from and where is his future will lead him. However, as time passes, he starts to live in the human world

and also marries his love, but later she dies due to some reasons. He then leaves the place and starts monster-hunting pretending to be a monk in order to survive in this cruel world. The series is very beautifully written and well crafted.

Fantasy Chinese Drama

4. Ashes of love (Fantasy Chinese Drama)

In ancient times, the flower goddess, unfortunately, dies while giving birth to her daughter. But before she died, she fed her daughter an unfeeling pill due to which she had no feelings at all and ordered her subordinates to imprison her in the Shui Jing for 10,000 years. Later she was named Jin Mi. After around, 4000 years later, the emperor Xu Feng, was Entrapped By someone and mistakenly entered the Shui jing. Later they develop feelings for each other he saved her from prison.

Fantasy Chinese Drama

3. A Bloody Romance (Fantasy Chinese Drama)

 The series is about a young woman who was exploited many times in their past life and went through many difficulties but she returns back and becomes an assassin in her current life. During the Tang Dynasty, she was given the name Wan Mei, she, as an assassin is tasked with difficult tasks and dangerous missions, but every time she is in a danger where she can’t escape death, she is helped by a mysterious man, who protects her from the shadows. They later fight each other and get involved in the process of a deadly struggle for power.

2. My amazing boyfriends

The series follows, Xue Ling Qiao, who has been sleeping for a long time about centuries. He is a mutant who is mistakenly awakened by an actress Named Tian Jing Zhi in a car accident. He then forces her way into living at her house despite all the dangers which happened in the past. On the surface, she acts like she is not bothered by his powers but secretly she wants to get rid of her. But later they fall in love with each other. This not only creates a romantic angle but also they later find out that they have a history with each other which is very shocking.

1. Guardian

The Guardian is a series that involves humans. Deities and demons, what happened when they come together. Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei are tasked to maintain peace between all things and creatures that are present in the time. The story mainly focuses on how their friendship grows and transcends through many lives they have in the past. One of the best series to follow in the list.

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