Top 10 Fuinjutsu (Sealing jutsu)

1 ⇒ Adamantine Sealing Chains ( Sealing jutsu )

The Adamantine Sealing Chains is a fuinjutsu used by members of the

Uzumaki clan. This technique moulds the user’s chakra into extremely

durable chains which can be used for several purposes, such as

physically restraining or directly combating their targets foes even as

powerful as a tailed beast. According to Orochimaru, these chain’s

could also be used to bind the chakra, completely neutralising them.

Using her chain’s, Uzumaki Kushina could also erect a barrier strong

enough to prevent anyone or anything from entering or leaving the

perimeter defined by the chains. The barrier was very durable, as

Sarutobi Hiruzen (Third Hokage) stated that there was nothing anyone

could do to interfere with what Minato and Uzumaki Kushina were

doing once it had been erected.

These chain’s also made up her seal, completely pinning the fox down

with several spikes in her own mind. Even while near death, Uzumaki

Kushina was able to use these chains in the physical realm to restrain

Kurama, enabling Namikaze Minato to use the Dead Demon

 Consuming Seal.

After Namikaze Minato sealed a portion of Uzumaki Kushina’s chakra

inside of her son Uzumaki Naruto, Kushina was able to manifest a

weaker version of this technique through Uzumaki Naruto. In

conjunction with her special chakra, Uzumaki Kushina was able to

temporarily restrain Kurama in Uzumaki Naruto’s subconscious.

Sealing jutsu

2 ⇒ Dead Demon Consuming Seal ( Sealing jutsu )

The Death Reaper Seal is a seal develope by the UZUMAKI CLAN to

call the power of the Shinigami After the hand seals are performe, the

user’s souls is partly separate from their body and suspende behind

them. Behind their souls appears the Shinigami, which restrains their

souls with its hair. Only One the summoner is able to see the Shinigami

at this point. Eventually, the Shinigami wrap its left arm with prayer

chants and beads unintelligibly until a Cursed Seal appear on it’s arm. It

then drives its arm into the summoner’s souls, those allowing to the

summoner to call upon the Shinigami to seal a target.

Sealing jutsu

3 ⇒ Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal ( Sealing jutsu )

Using a huge quantity of sand, the user covers the enemy with several

continually layers of the material, before compressing it into the form

of a big pyramid which serves to imprison the target upon its

completion. Sealing tag’s can be place onto the pyramid to increase

its sealing power, or Shukaku (One Tail) can strengthen the seal with

the jutsu that cover its body.

Sealing jutsu

4 ⇒ Evil Sealing Method ( Sealing jutsu )

This technique is used to suppress technique induced curse mark on a

person. like Sasuke’s “Cursed Seal of Heaven”, it will cause the seals

power to become dependent on the recipients the own willpower to

some extent, especially if the sealer is not experienced enough to

stabilize the seal with his own power. It is also capable of holding back

certain the kekkei genkai, such as that of the Kurama clan (Kurama

Ichizoku) as seen when Kurenai Yuhi tried to do this. This seal requires

a high number of hand seals to be performe and consumes large

amount of chakra from the user. Preparation for this technique requires

2 concentric circles with the kunai placed in intervals along the

circumference, in addition to a number of characters written in blood

that radiate out from the centre of the cursed seal. According to Hatake

Kakashi, this technique is quick, but painful. Since this seal relies on the

will of the individual on whom it is place, the affected maybe able to

will it away without an unsealing the technique. When Orochimaru was

extracted from Sasuke through Uchiha Itachi’s Sword of Totsuka blade,

not only was the “Cursed Seal of Heaven” remove, but also Evil Sealing

Method around it.

Sealing jutsu

5 ⇒ Five Elements Seal ( Sealing jutsu )

The Five Elements Seal is a so much powerful technique that is used to

disturb or block the targets chakra flow. Once the seal is completed, the

target will become the unconscious and unable to fight for a short time.

the Orochimaru performed this technique to tamper with Uzumaki

Naruto’s seal. The original seal allowed a small amount of the Nine

Tails chakra to always mix into Uzumaki Naruto’s, but the additional

seal disturbs this, preventing Uzumaki Naruto from using the Nine Tails

chakra or even the controlling his own chakra properly. This is because

an odd numbered seal creates an the imbalance when placed on top of

an even numbered seal. When the Orochimaru later notices that the

seal has been removed, he Know that there are very few ninja capable

of doing so, like “Jiraiya”. and Jiraiya know, the formula for this

technique different from individual to individual as he was able to

(correctly) speculate Orochimaru was responsible for placing the seal

on Uzumaki Naruto, even though Jiraiya was never shown to confirm

that speculation.

Sealing jutsu

6 ⇒ Four Red Yang Formation ( Sealing jutsu )

A powerful barrier formation legendary to only be usable by those of

Kage calibre, whereby four shinobi, standing in a square formation,

erect a large barrier that is “red” in colour. It was stated to be so many

times stronger than the Four Violet Flames Formation, and is highly

malleable. When assaulted by a Tailed Beast Ball from the Ten Tails, the

barrier simply distorte its shape, forcing the shock of the attack

upwards while it was left completely intact. Its users can create

openings within the barrier to allow passage. This barrier is apparently

very chakra taxing since at least two of its users are limited in the

usage of other technique’s, such as the clone techniques, while

maintaining the barrier sign at the same time.

7 ⇒ Reverse Four Symbols Sealing ( Sealing jutsu )

The Reverse Four Symbols Sealing is a fuinjutsu and a stronger version

of the Four Symbols Seal. The user places the seal across their chest,

and sets it to activate upon their death. It releases four symbols from

the users body that then forms a large, black sphere around them.

Anything caught inside the location area is then drawn in and sealed

within the users corpse.

Sealing jutsu

8 ⇒ Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar

This sealing technique completely block the target’s chakra with a

sealing formula (fuin shiki) a wall or drawn on the ground. This is done

by closing all the tenketsu of the person caught in the middle. When the

target is sealed, a stylised kanji for ‘close’ and ‘shut’ (hei) appears in the

middle of the sealing formula. To make successfully seal the target,

one has to get them exactly inside the sealing formula (Lion Closing

Roar). This require’s the great accuracy and is very difficult. several

methods can be used to make this easier. For example, one can

prepare a ninja tool or a puppet like the “Lion Headed Kannon” with this

sealing formula.

Sealing jutsu

9 ⇒ Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals

The Sealing Technique Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals

(Fuinjutsu: Genryu Kyufujin) is a technique that was used by Pain

(Nagato) and the other all members of Akatsuki to forcibly seal a tailed

beast or to extract a still living jinchuriki’s tailed beast chakra into the

Gedo Statue (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path). The technique took

three full day’s to complete if nine of the all Akatsuki members were

present. Black/White Zetsu state that if there are fewer people to

perform the Jutsu (technique), it would take a while longer. To prepare

for the technique, Pain (Nagato) would summon the Gedo Statue, after

which each member would then stand on one of Gedo Statue

fingertips, corresponding to their specific ring finger. When performed,

this Jutsu (technique) caused the bit to fall out of the mouth of the

Gedo Statue. Each of the Akatsuki member’s would then concentrate,

causing the kanji of their rings to appear on the nail of the Gedo Statue

finger they were standing on. Nine dragon like effigies then poured from

the Gedo statue’s mouth, surround the capture host, and the

painfully remove the tail beast from jinchuriki. In the case of an

unseal the tail beast, the same thing happened to the beast itself,

and still took as much time as if it were seal. After the Sealing

process was complete, the beast was seal within the Gedo Statue,

and one of the Gedo Statue’s nine eyes open. The host would die due

to the removal of their taile beast. There is a numerical order, to seal

tailed beast with the “Nine Tails” need be seale last, or the Gedo

Statue would shatter.

Sealing jutsu

10 ⇒ Yin Seal: Release

After storing and focusing an amount of chakra over a duration of time

in the Strength of a Hundred Seal on the users forehead, the user can

release any amount of chakra with this technique by break the seal and

pumping the stored chakra back into the users body. After the store

chakra from the Strength of a “Hundred Seal” is use, if there is any left

over chakra, the user may use it to re-form the seal. After releasing the

chakra from the seal, Tsunade and haruno Sakura are able to use

unique techniques. Firstly shown, they have used this store chakra to

perform the Creation Rebirth technique and heal a massive amount of

people through Katsuyu. They both are also able to use Ninja Art

Creation Rebirth Strength of a “Hundred Technique” after releasing the

seal. Should the need rise, the user can even channel the release

chakra into the another person by extending their markings onto them

through the physical contact, as demonstrat by haruno Sakura.


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