Top 10 great animated movies you can stream right now: Hi Guys, how are you all? I hope you guys are good and enjoying your free time watching your favorite movies and shows and if not then you should watch some great movies to kill your free time. If you are craving a movie to watch but are already bored of watching regular movies then you should try animated movies. Yes, animated movies are a great source of entertainment and they made us nostalgic like how we used to enjoy and watch these animated movies so much in our childhood days. Then there is the time to watch these animated movies and enjoy childhood time again or just watch these movies for the entertainment they provide. So here is the top 10 great animated movie you can stream right now.

great animated movies

Shrek and Shrek 2

Let us be honest you must have seen this giant green dude many times, but no it’s not hulk, it is our favorite Shrek. The story is about him and his side-kick a donkey as they try to live their lives peacefully but somehow get in trouble. The movie had a great impact on the 21st century and made everyone a fan of the movie right away. Shrek and Shrek 2 is funny, emotional, and comedic which makes it a great family entertainer. The movie is available on Hulu.

great animated movies


One of my favorites movie on the list is the movie, Ratatouille. Funny, clever, moderately moral, and dramatically compelling, the film follows a naive and ambitious rodent named Remy (voiced charmingly by Patton Oswalt) who aspires to be a great chef. ). Who doesn’t love Linguini (voiced by Lou Romano), a desperate human moped controlled by the extremely talented Remy? Watch the movie as they try to balance each other and try to impress the famous food critic in order to save the restaurant and uplift their morale. The movie is on Disney + Hotstar.

great animated movies

Boss Baby (great animated movies)

When we see babies we always say that they are just little humans and they have their own language to contact each other and in this movie, something like this has shown but with a little twist. Don’t worry about the strange situation where all babies fall into two categories and babies who don’t become family members are trained to be Babycorp managers. (Alec Baldwin) infiltrates the Templeton family. A baby chatter who sounds like a cynical middle-aged manager somehow never gets old. The movie is available on Amazon Prime.

great animated movies

Despicable Me

Another Great movie on the list, the movie is about a villain who is said to be the greatest villain of all time his name is God, who is helped by his army of Minions who work continuously under him to support his evil plans. He is planning to steal the moon but due to something in his plans, he becomes responsible for three orphan sisters. Now he must take care of them and also work on his plan to steal the moon. The movie is one of the best and it is available on Netflix.

great animated movies

Coco (great animated movies)

Coco is one of those movies that is based on life after death. Miguel is a kid who loves music and his family has a past in music but due to some incidents, he is forced to leave his music and live an ordinary life. But one day he meets with an accident and he is transported to a world of dead people where he meets his grandfather

who was a great musician now he must find a way to return back to the human world and convince everyone to let him continue his musical journey. The movie is available on Disney + Hotstar.

great animated movies

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is another great animated movie based in the Superhero genre. This is about a family of superheroes who are forced to live a normal life due to incidents that happened with other superheroes. This superhero family struggles to live a “normal” life without fighting crime. Saving the world is forbidden, so we have no choice but to put vigilante justice on hold. But things change when Mr. Incredible has to fight robots on an island… when a mission goes wrong, he has to enlist the help of his family! The movie is available on Hotstar.

great animated movies

Minions (great animated movies)

If you have watched Despicable movie then you must be wondering about those yellow beings who are roaming here and there in the whole movie and where they come from. So here is the movie that tells the story of how minions came to earth and found their boss Gru. They carry the film nicely and without uttering any word they make us laugh with their actions and noises. The main lead of the movie is three Minions Bob, Kevin, and Stuart who wander around the world to find the greatest villain of all time, they eventually succeed in doing that but at what cost? Watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

Toy Story (great animated movies)

Well, this is an old one but the movie became a massive hit during that time, and also it is one of the best to date. The movie is about a Toy named Woody and his friends, Andy’s pride and joy is Woody the cowboy…

until the little boy is presented with a new action figure, Buzz Lightyear. When these toys come to life, they compete against each other for first place. Things go awry when Andy’s family moves out and the two toys are forced to flee from their fearsome neighbor Sid his Phillips. The movie is available on Disney+Hotstar.

How To Train Your Dragon

The tells the story of Vikings who are living with dragons but things were not the same as it is now, the Vikings and dragons used to be enemies but what happened between them so they become friends? The movie is full of action and drama and if you are a fan of Fantasy and dragons then this movie is all you need. The movie is available on Amazon Prime.

The Lion King

This movie may be one of those movies which everyone must have watched—the highest-grossing film of all time and why not this movie deserves all this. The movie is about a lion cub who is forced to leave his home and live on his own when his father,

the king of the jungle was killed by his brother. The cub is on the verge of dying when he is saved by two small animals one a Meerkat and another one a warthog. Will he be able to revenge on his father? Watch the movie to find out.  The movie is available in Disney+

So here are the best greatest animated movies you can enjoy with your family and friends and with anyone you want. The movies are so entertaining that you would want to watch all of these in one go. For more movies and shows like these stay tuned.

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