Top 10 Intelligent Female characters in the One Piece, Ranked 2021

Intelligent Female characters: Monkey D. Luffy might be the star of One Piece. However, these ladies are the cerebrums behind everything. One Piece is a series with an astonishing measure of profundity and subtext. Eiichiro Oda, the series maker, installs the manga with bountiful references to exemplary writing and world history.

Regularly, fans would presumably expect the principal character of One Piece would be similarly brilliant with such a canny maker in the driver’s seat notwithstanding, the series hero, Monkey D. Luffy, is a bonehead.

Additionally, a large portion of the male characters isn’t that brilliant. The surfaces through which Oda decides to show his insight is typically female. Few out of every odd female person has absolute mental sharpness, yet a few do.

Intelligent Female characters

10. Nico Olvia (Intelligent Female characters)

Many individuals expect that keenness is something one is brought into the world. At times, that is precise, yet knowledge can likewise be expertise gained through commitment and practice. Similarly, as with any expertise, there’s a lot of penance intrinsic in achieving information. Nico Oliva made inconceivable penances to become one of the most splendid characters in the series.

Passing on her newborn child girl to seek after her risky archaeological exploration, Nico Oliva acquired acknowledgment as the savviest researcher among a whole island of researchers in Ohara.

Intelligent Female characters

9. Kaya (Intelligent Female characters)

The expression “similar people are attracted to one another” is adept for Kaya and Usopp’s relationship. One Piece fans are now mindful of Usopp’s knowledge at this point. From the beginning, Kaya’s proceeded interest in Usopp is baffling, yet as fans developed to comprehend the marksman’s psyche, everything turned out to be precise.

Presently contemplating being a specialist, Kaya tracked down an unparalleled scholarly family relationship with Usopp. Given her predominantly academic profession, Kaya’s knowledge is apparent, and Usopp was the primary individual in Syrup Village fit for invigorating it.

Intelligent Female characters

8. Princess Vivi (Intelligent Female characters)

It’s challenging to be without insight when one approaches illustrious mentors Princess Vivi parts from the generalization of dumb royals in One Piece with her cleverness and humane brain.

After finding Crocodile’s lousy form, Princess Vivi arranged a fruitful penetration of Braque Works. Once inside the subtle association, Vivi accomplished the puzzling Crocodile’s name and plan. Past all of that, Vivi ended up being a tactical tactician with her arrangement to save Alubrana. In case Vivi remained on the Merry, she’d have been the minds of the group.

Intelligent Female characters

7. Koala (Intelligent Female characters)

There are different types of knowledge. Besides the customary scholastic variation of splendour, having the capacity to appreciate anyone on a profound level is essential. Even though fans haven’t seen many progressives, Koala gives off an impression of being the most genuinely adjusted of the bundle.

Notwithstanding her order of the capacity to appreciate individuals on a deeper level, Koala is by all accounts very diligent.

Koala seems to fill in as Sabo’s wellspring of data in the field. She likewise has an authority of Fishman karate, a famously mind-boggling discipline. She even shows the battling style to different progressives.

Intelligent Female characters

6. Monet (Intelligent Female characters)

Being pretty and shrewd is unenviable. Cultural molding has prepared individuals to connect a lovely face with an unfilled brain. Monet fights that idea quickly. Behind her attractive appearance, Monet houses a heartless brain that is typically out in front of her enemies.

Her powerful brightness is considerably more remarkable when one recollects that she was presented close by the conspiring driving force Trafalgar Law and the clever Caeser Clown. Although Caeser gets acknowledgment as a virtuoso, Monet appeared as though she was the genuine scholar of the team.

Intelligent Female characters

5. Madame Sharlay (Intelligent Female characters)

A wise lady once sang, “in case you could look into the future, you may figure life would be a breeze.” However, pre-discernment confounds matters. Having the option to see the future turns out to be considerably trickier when you’re savvy.

Sharlay couldn’t just see the end but, at the same time, was fit for uncommon thinking offices. Even though she seldom communicated how a situation she anticipated would transpire, Sharlay realized more than she let on. Sharlay even saw utility in Luffy despite her vision of him obliterating Fishman Island.

Intelligent Female characters

4. Perona

“Spine chiller Bark” was an odd circular segment. For the most part, Luffy doesn’t admit well against adversaries that utilization deceit as their essential type of assault. Nonetheless, Moria isn’t simply shrewd. Indeed, the Thriller Bark privateers are not generally splendid, save one.

Besides her gothic appearance, Perona appears as though she’s an odd fit for the pirate outfit. Perona is effectively the sharpest individual in the group, showing the most planning in her activities. Notwithstanding Usopp, Perona was relentless in “Thriller Bark” by strategically dispatching the Straw caps.

Intelligent Female characters

3. Nami

Having the option to get by alone in the One Piece world is an intense accomplishment. Indeed, even external the Grand Line, there is a massive load of hazardous perils that could cost one their life. Nami had the cleverness to get by as a tip-top hoodlum among privateers. Notwithstanding her Machevillian mind, Nami is a first-rate pilot.

Any individual who realizes the route field realizes that Nami has a few different areas of information. From climate examples to send life systems, Nami is remarkably learned.

2. Big Mom

One snippet of data can change the tide of war. Having legitimate channels to reliable data is the principal resource that any great general wants. Big Mom is no exemption. Big Mom is consistently aware of everything by developing an incredible organization of data that stretches well past her islands.

Notwithstanding her data organization, Big Mom additionally is familiar with the true history of the One Piece world. Although she can frequently seem whimsical and senseless, Big Mom is an amazingly splendid adversary.

1. Nico Robin

In One Piece, characters typically become distinguished by a particular person’s quality. Luffy exemplifies opportunity, Zoro is flexibility embodied, and Sanji should be valour. Truly, Nico Robin is the most grounded illustration of mind in the whole series. Robin’s sole drive and inspiration in One Piece are to accomplish the most slippery type of information accessible: the world’s actual history.

Nico Robin’s cerebrum is unique, to the point that the World Government has endeavoured to catch the rebel Oharaprehistorian throughout the previous twenty years.

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