Enemies to lovers Story: Yes, we all love this Genre, K-drama where a man and a woman meet in absolutely different environments but somehow destiny connects them to each other, and they, despite hating each other must live with each other or face each other which eventually makes them fall in love with each other. There is just a fine line between love and hate which makes this Genre so famous among youth. So here are the top 10 best K-Drama based on “Enemies to lovers”

Enemies to lovers Story

1. Touch your heart

The story is about two people from different fields falling in love with each other. One is an attorney and the other is a well-known celebrity in the area.  Her name is Yoon Seo and His name is Jung rok. She starts working as Jung Rok’s Secretary to get more chances of future gigs. They work with each other in a love-hate relationship and finally they fall in love with each other. They have such great chemistry in that drama that was loved by everyone who watched the show. Watch the show to fall in love with these two great actors.

Enemies to lovers Story

2. The King 2 Hearts (Enemies to lovers Story)

When coming to the best K-Drama in the Genre ‘Enemy to lovers’, this one will be on Top since this K-Drama has all the things which are required to make it worth it. The Story is about a North Korean Woman and South Korean man, who began as an Enemy and then fall in love with each other. The story in the starting seems very hateful we they meet but later it becomes one of the best stories involving a beautiful and intense love that is filled with passion and sincerity. The way these actors play the role lightens up the screen.

Enemies to lovers Story

3. My love from the star

This One K-Drama features one of the best k-Drama stars Do Min Joon, an alien with a chip on his shoulders, and Cheon Song Yi, an actress, who falls in love with her. The two are quite frustrated with each other when they first meet. She couldn’t understand the well-maintained Lee Yi, and Do Min-jun couldn’t stand all the hustle and bustle of her celebrity life. But when she finds a very thin line between her anger and her genuine feelings, he is forced to express his love. The show is a must-watch for getting a new experience in love.

Enemies to lovers Story

4. Master’s sun (Enemies to lovers Story)

The story is about a girl named, Tae Gong Sil, who is always followed by dead people wanting her to do things for them, and frightened she barely sleeps at night. But when she met Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub), she realized she wouldn’t see the dead when she touched him. The two begin to look down on each other, but Gon sil can find peace near Joo Joong,

so she becomes quite clinging. The two enter into a strange relationship and somehow fall in love. There are some very intimate scenes in the drama which will make you shy for some time but will give you a whole new experience in the era of love.

Enemies to lovers Story

5. It’s Okay That’s Love.

The K-drama features the best couple in the industry Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo Jin in the lead roles, which means that the acting level in the drama will be superb. Jo In Sung plays Chang Jae-Yul, a mysterious writer working on the aftermath of a traumatic childhood. He meets a lively psychiatrist named Ji Hess, played by Gong Hyo Jin. The two fall in love and have to deal with each other’s problems together. The emotional angle in the drama is by far the best and both actors made it look more beautiful without any doubt. The bond shown between them in the Drama is by far the best in any of the series.

Enemies to lovers Story

6. Full House (Enemies to lovers Story)

Another K-drama features two opposite personalities who get a chance to become roommates. Despite their deep hatred for each other, they become more and more love-hate and eventually develop a love-filled relationship. “Full House” is one of the first dramas that K drama fans come up with when thinking about the theme of the enemy to lover. The beginning of their relationship is pretty humorous, but when they start to open up and feel each other, the fire burns The passion between the two is intense! The beginning of their relationship is pretty humorous, but when they start to open up and feel each other, the fire burns. The passion between the two is intense!

Enemies to lovers Story

7. Secret Garden (Enemies to lovers Story)

This classic drama stars Hyun bin as Kim Ju Won and Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im. She is a struggling stunt woman who meets the CEO is the department store named Kim Ju Won. The two are initially disgusted, but slowly begin to fall in love. The two find it difficult to be together because of their origins, but they still struggle to be together. “Secret Garden” is a staple for some reason. This heartwarming romantic comedy stars two legendary Korean stars. They are amazing actors which bring out the best in their chemistry which makes everyone feel connected to them.

8. Her Private Life

One of the best K-drama in the kist which became a big hit featuring Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook. The series is about an artist named Ryan Gold, who falls in love with art curator named Sung Duk Mi. They have great chemistry which can be seen on the screen which makes the audience feel connected to them. If you want to get into the life of them which is why this became one of the biggest hits in the history of K-Drama.

9. Hyena (Enemies to lovers Story)

Hyena stars Yoon hee Jae who falls in love with Jung Geum Ja and gets decided that he wants to be with her forever. What Hee Jae doesn’t know is that this is all part of Geum JA’s master plan. Hee, jee is a lawyer at an elite law firm, and Geum Je, a lawyer, is trying everything to file a high-profile proceeding so that he can make more money. The two are completely opposite and realize that they need to keep a distance. In other words, it is up to forced cooperation in a specific case. The mature acting which is shown by these two actors is very good which makes it worth watching.

10. 1% of Something

What happens when you both don’t like each other at all but are forced to live together because of someone’s will, this is what is shown in the k-drama. Lee Jae In and Kim Da Hyun is forced to live together in hopes of attaining his Grandfather’s inheritance. They live together in a contract with some added requests. They fight, live together, and somehow manage to find a way into each other’s hearts.

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