Top 10 Martial Arts Anime 2021

Martial Arts Anime: From the spinning kicks of capoeira to the rock-breaking karate punches, martial arts are the culmination of people exploring the limits of their bodies and finding the best ways to move, strike, and defend themselves over thousands of years. In this list, we will examine 10 of the best martial arts anime, in my opinion.

For lucidity, combative techniques anime is perceived to be an anime wherein hand to hand fighting is an essential concentration or hand to hand fighting assumes a critical part in the plot. There are many domains where these characters get themselves involved to fight. There are various styles and also measure like boxing or ki, magic, and spiritual powers. Since some of these anime are massive franchises, only one entry is included in the list.

Martial Arts Anime

10. “Tenjho Tenge” (2004) (Martial Arts Anime)

Everyone’s nervous when they attend a new school, though chances are they never had to deal with every class being filled with violent thugs, martial art masters, and super-powered brats. Leaning towards the tongue-in-cheek style with an extra dolloping of fan service,

there’s still fun to be had here for those who enjoy a good rumble. Since Souichiro’s day-by-day shenanigans include him either destroying or getting the poop kicked out of him by each stacked understudy he experiences.

But it does a great workout!

Martial Arts Anime

9. “BenTo” (2011) (Martial Arts Anime)

To get hold of that refreshing snack, some people are willing to fight to the end. As ridiculous as the premise is, it turned out to be this anime’s most significant strength of seeing random customers fight. Whatever is in this bento is enough to bring out the martial arts masters in anyone,

including two seemingly delicate high school girls. But, seriously, watching the ice witch and lake beauty make reality-breaking moves for her lunch is the best kind of high-octane madness.

Martial Arts Anime

8. “Hinomaru Sumo” (2018-19) (Martial Arts Anime)

Often overlooked in animation, sumo remains a highly respected and celebrated aspect of Japanese culture. Fortunately, the anime has received proper attention from Hinomaru and his team as they strive to become local teachers despite their many physical and emotional obstacles.

While the nature of sumo fighting doesn’t leave much room for variety in terms of movement, the way the characters throw their weight mixed with a bit of shounen goodness made the tournament an exciting experience.

Martial Arts Anime

7. “Ranma ½” (1989-92) (Martial Arts Anime)

Since this would-be warrior changes sex most of the time due to a curse and has to deal with an ever-growing circle of admirers, it’s easy, forget how competent Ranma is as a martial artist.

While the fights often lend themselves to comedy, he’s still great when given a chance to stand out. Ranma still has the moves, enough to please those after some retro action, whether he’s the arrogant lady or the surprising waifu.

Martial Arts Anime

6. “Kenichi: The Most Powerful Disciple” (2006-07)

From the green bean to the miracle of martial arts, Kenichi’s journey may be evil organizations, but the focus is on celebrating different fighting styles. Starting as a victim of bullying, Kenichi came under the guidance of various martial arts masters,

who slowly turned him into a one-person army over time and with bone-breaking training. Don’t let the jokes fool you; this series knows how to deliver on the front lines. How often do you see an outsider learning karate, Muay Thai, Chinese Kenpo, and jujitsu simultaneously?

Martial Arts Anime

5. “Megalo Box” (2018) (Martial Arts Anime)

This new iteration of Joe’s journey that takes him from Junk Dog to the Megalonia boxing ring conveys the classic tomorrow’s Joe boxing story with an understated steampunk twist to suit the style.

To explode. Aesthetically he’s quite a miracle, but it’s his fights and character drama that make him a winner. Whether you prefer Joe’s glorious uprising in season one of his spiral of destruction in Nomad, the series has enough bullshit to make your time worthwhile.

Martial Arts Anime

4. “Baki” (2018-20)

Are there times when you wonder what you just saw? Absolutely. And yet, he lovingly integrates a variety of martial arts to back up his often outrageous narrative. Baki’s story is certainly not the fantasy of traditional shounen power from underground tournaments to fighting condemned inmates.

Still, it has more fighters, styles, and matchups than most of its genre. And that’s without being ridiculed by seeing Yujiro defeat them all with his demonic strength. It is the anime’s own Pandora’s Box that you’ll be happy to drop.

Martial Arts Anime

3. “Fist of the North Star” (1984-88)

A post-apocalyptic wasteland, hordes of looters, humanity on the brink of extinction… and yet the deadliest is still Chad and the five fingers of his death. Of course, Hokuto Shinken is not your average martial art,

as his teachings allow Kenshiro to hit pressure points on a person’s body, which then causes them to explode. Instead, it is as metallic as can be and serves the lone hiker when attacking fellow practitioners, including his lethal collection of older brothers. Who needs guns when you have fingers that detonate people internally?

2. “Kengan Ashura” (2019)

Not even CGI and Netflix can belittle the excellence of this racket! Primarily focused on a tournament where candidates compete for business, this series is home to all kinds of fighters and monsters. Along with Ohma’s desire for revenge against his master’s killer,

what makes Kengan stand out is that he seamlessly combines the most supernatural aspects of himself with endless examples of real-life martial arts. Not only does this hybrid keep fights incredible, but it also adds a much-needed layer of sand! So now hurry up and customize Kengan Omega.

1. “Hajime no Ippo” (2000-14)

The boxing anime comes and goes, but there will only be one Ippo. He can frolic with different tropes of his contemporaries, like the humble outsider who pushes himself to greatness, and yet all these years later, he remains one step above the other. This is because the characters have room to breathe and organic growth and because the fights are expertly infusing with credibility. There is actual knowledge in every row,

and while there are no superpowers, that makes every battle in the ring even more exciting. Moreover, it is so exquisite in its delivery that it will delight even sports fans!

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