Martial based Chinese drama: When we hear about china the one thing which comes to our mind is the Chinese fighting style which is Known as Martial arts. Martial Arts is a Technique of fighting in which the Opponents fight in hand-to-hand combat. There are many movies based on Martial arts but the Good news

is that there are some good Chinese Drama series that are also available which can be watched and enjoyed. So here is the list of the Top 10 Chinese Drama series based on Martial Arts.

Martial based Chinese drama

1. Word of Honor

Number one on the list is the Chinese Drama known as Word of Honor, the Chinese Drama has 36 episodes which is a watchable number. A drama about Zhou Shihide, who was involved in a plot in the martial arts world after he resigned as the leader of the organization that protects the king. On his way through Jianghu,

he leaves Ghost Valley and meets Wen Kexin, a mysterious martial artist who avenges the death of his parents. They will be good friends and embark on an adventure to find legendary treasures that give owners the ultimate power over Jiangsu Province.

Martial based Chinese drama

2. Ancient Detective (Martial based Chinese drama)

Another masterpiece on the list, this 24-episode masterpiece tells the story of a Martial Artist who sets on a quest to find the real killer of his father after he gets murdered. In this Quest, he makes a lot of enemies and friends. Ancient Detective is a martial arts mystery drama, and the plot is not unpredictable, but interestingly performed. It has its twists and turns and a certain amount of cliffhangers in each episode. The compatibility between male and female leads is just as good as her acting, including the second male lead. The second male lead is very interesting and I can’t wait for the second season.

Martial based Chinese drama

3. The Long Ballad (Martial based Chinese drama)

This 49-episode long Drama series is a story that follows the life of Li Chang Ge, who wants to avenge the death of his family when they were killed by an Emperor during the time of the Tang Dynasty. She disguised herself as a man who wanted to raise an army to kill Lee Zhimin to avenge her family’s death, left for Shuo,

and met General Ashina, who took her, and his Serve as a personal military strategist. The drama is an action-packed political drama, so I decided to add it to the list. If you want to see The Long Ballad, see also Princess  Zhao Liying and Princess Gengxin starring Lin Gengxin. Neither drama is considered a martial arts drama, but it does contain quite a lot of action.

Martial based Chinese drama

4. Listening to Snow Tower

In a world where Swordmen roam freely and people kill and fight each other for power, the two individuals from different places get engaged in a romantic consequence, one being the master of the listening Snow Tower,

and another one being the daughter of Blood Demon. This Drama series follows long 56 episodes which sometimes feel long but not only this one is the best one on the list.

Martial based Chinese drama

5. The Moon brightens up for you

The 36 Episode long Chinese Drama series is underrated in the list, The first half of the film focuses on the relationship between the male and female leads. Although some of the passages are relatively light, there are still some serious and engaging moments. What sets the film apart is the plot, as it starts off relatively cliché and bland and shifts to a more serious tone as it progresses.

6. Love in Between (Martial based Chinese drama)

Love in between is a 43 Episode long series, which tells the story of Zuo Cing Si, who is on the search to find the missing scroll of mountain river painting that belongs to the imperial court. When he is traveling he meets a bandit and they fall in love with each other.

This drama is one of the best-written dramas in the Martial Arts Chinese Dramas, watch the show to find out whether he will be able to find the missing scroll.

Martial based Chinese drama

7. Handsome siblings (Martial based Chinese drama)

Handsome siblings is a 44 Episode long series, which is about two brothers who get separated at birth and grow up away from each other. They train and become masters in martial arts. Things become hard when they find out that they have been trained by their masters

to take revenge against each other, but they drop the idea of revenge and instead focus on making this world more friendly with the help of each other. The fights scene in the series is amazing which will keep you attached to the show which is a big reason why you should watch this show.

8. And The winner is love

And the winner is love is 48 episodes long series that follows the life of Chong, who is the mistress of the Hall of fame, and sets out on a journey through Jianghu who falls for the master of the Moon valley. The drama features some of the best romantic angles which will surely make you fall in love with the series. This is more a romantic drama rather than a martial arts one.

9. Swordsman (Martial based Chinese drama)

Swordman is 42 episodes long series that tells the story of Ling Hu Chong, who is an orphan but he is very passionate about Martial art, he is a Senior Student in the Huashan Sect where he learns the martial arts

and becomes a master in Swordsman ship. The chemistry between Ling Hu Chong and Dongfang Bu Bai is sizzling. It’s the best feature of this drama and I love the opening OST. It’s a good drama to check out if you’re into wuxia and a fair size of romance on the side.

 10. The moon brightens up for you

The moon Brightens up for you is 36 episode long Chinese Drama series. Follow the story of Lin Fang and Chang Ching Hong fighting, growing up, and becoming leaders in Jianghu’s martial arts. The first half of the drama focuses on the relationship between the second male lead and the female lead. There are some relatively easy parts, but there are still serious and compelling moments. What makes the drama stand out is the plot, which starts with a relative cliché, is lit up and progresses to a more serious tone as it progresses.

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