Top 10 Most Barbarous Beatings in Anime

Beatings in Anime: For this list, we are going to look at anime beats that went way beyond the hype. We will consider hits inflicted on both heroes and villains, as well as one-sided and even crashes.

Which anime hit made you flinch from sheer brutality?

Beatings in Anime

10. Shinra is defeated by Charon

“Fire Force” (2019-20)

Built like a tank and equipped with plenty of firepowers, the White Clad Charon is a beast among the pyrokinetic. While trying to capture the Fifth Pillar, Charon’s attempts are hampered by Shinra’s arrival. Although Shinra’s kicks are powerful, each strike only serves to ignite Charon’s explosive flame further.

An intense and well-animated beating follows in which Charon quickly overwhelms Shinra, delivers devastating counterattacks, and pushes him through various buildings. However, even the power of Shinra’s demonic trump card cannot crush Charon so that he can take the winning goal.

Beatings in Anime

9. Gaia punches Sikorsky

“Baki” (2018-20)

There is no shortage of brutal punches in the underworld of martial arts where Baki is at home. The fight between the death row inmate Sikorsky and the super-soldier Gaia has proven to be particularly tough. With her knowledge of environmental warfare and psychological warfare, Gaia works quickly with Sikorsky.

Although Sikorsky is a dangerous criminal who can survive a fall from a tall building, his encounter with Gaia leaves him injured and scared while his opponent is completely unharmed. If Sikorsky couldn’t defeat Baki, what hope did he have of defeating Gaia?

Beatings in Anime

8. Masataka punches Souichiro

“Tenjho Tenge” (2004)

Who would have thought that a classroom fight could get out of control? In his quest to prove that he is the strongest fighter in the Toudou Academy, Soichiro is challenged by Masataka, a member of the Juken Club.

When Masataka’s abilities prove more overwhelming than expected, Souichiro gets into dirty fights. After Souichiro hit his opponent with a trick, things got worse when Masataka completely lost him. What follows is a brutal beating that crushes Souichiro’s mind and body, emphasizing bodily harm. Yeesh Masakata, all this about a lunch box?

Beatings in Anime

7. Broly beats them all

“Dragon Ball Z: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan” (1993)

None of them can compare to the OG Broly when it comes to brutality and cruelty in the “Dragon Ball” franchise. Tortured like a baby by a crying Goku and raised by his scheming father, Broly was turned into a dangerous yet powerful monster capable of destroying an entire galaxy.

After he reveals his nature as the legendary Super Saiyan, he takes his anger out on Goku and the fighters, defeating most of them within an inch of their lives. It’s a miracle that they could even beat him.

Beatings in Anime

6. Hanzo punches Gon

“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

While determination is a noble quality, in some cases, it only leads to more pain. After reaching the final stage of Hunter’s Trial, Gon pairs up to fight the ninja Hanzo. While Gon is stronger than the average person, Hanzo still proves to be his superior.

Overcome, Gon suffers an intense three-hour fight from Hanzo, who attempts to force him to surrender. Despite breaking his arm, putting a knife to his head, and even threatening to cut off his legs, Gon refuses to give up. In the end, Gon’s determination impresses Hanzo, who admits defeat to him, but not before delivering a final blow to Gon after refusing to surrender. Seriously, Gon, have you ever heard of not trying your luck?

Beatings in Anime

5. Money Beats Shogo (Beatings in Anime)

“That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime” (2018)

When an invasion of a hostile kingdom results in losses among the citizens of the Jura Tempest Federation, Rimuru and his followers are eager to pay. Of the many revenge fights, one of the most brutal and satisfying is the money Shogo hits. Initially confident in his victory, Shogo’s arrogance proves to be undone, as the Orklord’s legacy quickly overwhelms him.

Even after Shogo gains the ability to regenerate by killing his comrade Kirara, the money is still knocking him down and breaking his flesh with his rotting ability. In essence, Shogo’s regeneration works against him and prolongs his suffering. Geld’s tactics may be over the top, but he did more than expected, considering what Shogo did to Shion and the others.

Beatings in Anime

4. Lucy Heartfilias Underwater Beating (Beatings in Anime)

“Fairy Tail” (2009-19)

The only thing worse than a one-sided beating is a one-sided beating in which your opponent has sadistic tendencies. During the naval battle at the Grand Magic Games, Lucy is the only remaining competitor facing Sabertooth’s Minerva for first place.

Although it is easy for Minerva to call Lucy, she teaches her a lesson in pain. Minerva delivers cruel and unnecessary blows with her magic and fists as she enjoys the agony she forces Lucy to endure.

Beatings in Anime

3. Yusuke returns to Bakken (Beatings in Anime)

“Yu Yu Hakusho” (1992-94)

After Kurama blacks out from a past battle during the Dark Tournament, Bakken, a Team Masho, utilizes space and attempts to close his Deaths. Irritated and anxious to retaliate for his confidant, Yusuke undermines Bakken and has Kurama’s spot. At the point when Bakken covers the region in fog, Yusuke is at first alert.

Nonetheless, he becomes more specific when he understands that Bakken’s assaults feel like love appeal, and they rapidly reverse the situation. When Yusuke drives Bakken into a corner, Bakken asks for benevolence to lessen Yusuke’s cautiousness.

Lamentably, Bakken’s misdirection comes up short and possibly serves to rush his passing when Yusuke breaks every one of the fundamental bones in his body.

2. Jotaro takes revenge on Steely Dan (Beatings in Anime)

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders” (2014-15)

An escape with the assassin Steely Dan forces Jotaro to comply with his absurd demands or risk Grandfather’s life. Dan uses him as a bridge, even beats him up, and hires him for shoplifting; Dan enjoys every opportunity to humiliate Jotaro. Unfortunately for Dan, Jotaro realizes everything he has done to him and waits until he can fight back.

After Jotaro’s comrades successfully remove Dan’s cabin from Joseph, he resorts to cowardly tactics by taking a child hostage. Fortunately, Kakyoin’s quick thinking stops Dan’s plan and allows Jotaro to take his sweet revenge by delivering a brutal barrage of karmic retribution courtesy of Star Platinum.

1. Seishu Akoya brutalizes Imai Cosmo (Beatings in Anime)

“Kengan Ashura” (2019)

Driven by his brutal way of justice, Akoya eliminates anyone he finds guilty regardless of the severity of his sins. During his fight against Imai Cosmo, the young fighter experiences first-hand how Akoya achieved the title of “executioner”.

Akoya not only uses his fingers to pierce Cosmo’s arm but also rips off a piece of meat. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg there was more pain to come by Imai’s way. Akoya goes even further by brutally torturing Cosmo as well. Refusing to give Cosmo the satisfaction of passing out in pain, Akoya forces him back to reality to continue torturing him, much to the audience’s horror. In the end, Akoya’s beating motivates Cosmo to win, albeit at an enormous cost to his own body.

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