Top 10 Powerful Anime Characters, No Super Powers, Ranked

Powerful Anime Characters: Anime is pretty good on its own, and talking to other anime fans in digital or physical spaces can make the experience that much better. Some of the most extended conversations in anime fandom center on which characters are more potent than other characters or who would win in a fight.

These discussions are likely to continue as long as there is new anime in each season. And some characters are to OP devoid of any superpowers. Let’s get a rundown on these characters-

Powerful Anime Characters

10. Mamoru Takamura

“Hajime no Ippo” (2000-14)

He’s a funny idiot, but he has a punch that can blow up a bear! Thoughtfully, she decorated a grizzly bear. Using his natural strength, brought to the point thanks to Kamogawa’s intense training, Takamura rose through the ranks to become a boxing champion in multi-weight boxing.

His blows are so powerful that even titans like Bryan Hawk and David Eagle fell before his power. At best, he won’t want to get caught on the receiving end of his meter, let alone when he breaks down and rages!

Powerful Anime Characters

9. Olivier Mira Armstrong

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (2009-10)

Pfft, who needs alchemy? Not the Briggs Iron Wall, that’s for sure. While lacking the overwhelming physique of his brother, Armstrong’s heir is a monster unto himself. Called the Ice Queen for a reason, Olivier is not only in command of Fort Briggs, but his sword skills allowed her to face the horrors unleashed by the homunculus. The respect she shows is fantastic.

She never collapses under pressure, and if ever there was a woman in the anime who could unsettle Father and his goons, she would be the one to outnumber Sloth deftly, and an army of Pale zombies could.

Powerful Anime Characters

8. Adlet Mayer

“Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers” (2015)

You cannot become a candidate for fighting a demon god if you don’t have what it takes and he is not as powerful as the other Braves. Instead, it is Adlet’s physical and mental strength that allowed him to surpass the otherworldly abilities of his peers.

While some would consider his dirty tactics, Adlet uses weapons and knowledge to improve what many believe his boss speaks volumes about his reputation as a true warrior. He doesn’t waste a moment bragging about being the most muscular man in the world, and from what we’ve seen, he could be into something.

Powerful Anime Characters

7. Shizuo Heiwajima

“It will last!!” (201016)

Although the residents of this city range from gangsters to headless reapers, there is only one that can be considered a walking hurricane. With a temper as unique as the force of his blow, Shizuo could almost be regarded as superhuman because of how far he can blow his targets in a single hit.

However, unlike Celty, the boy’s strength is simply the result of his lack of mental limiters, allowing him to use his body to the fullest and, as a result, crush everything around him with ease. Seriously, how did Izaya resist for so long when this guy shot him?

Powerful Anime Characters

6. Himura Kenshin

“Rurouni Kenshin” (1996-98)

You don’t earn the Manslayer nickname without knowing how to handle a sword. Due to the strict instruction of the legendary swordsman Hiko Seijuro, Kenshin’s incomplete training in Hiten Mitsurugiryu’s killing skills allowed him to dominate the battlefield.

Even after embarking on the Path of Peace, Kenshin’s abilities were at such a high level that his speed and precision could take down numerous enemies in the blink of an eye, to the point where a true assassin like Shishio could even slow it down. Even armed with the non-lethal Reverse Blade, one hit is enough for Kenshin to destroy someone’s body and mind.

Powerful Anime Characters

5. Thors (Powerful Anime Characters)

“Vinland Saga” (2019)

The only reason this giant bit a great man was because of his sense of honor, willingness to give his own life to ensure his son’s safety. So far? The man was unstoppable. Once a feared Viking commander, Thor not only allowed him to dismember an entire crew single-handedly, but his core strength was enough to bring down even men like Thorkell and Bjorn.

While his new desire for peace and a life without bloodshed would never allow it, we do not doubt that this man could have won the war for Denmark singlehandedly.

Powerful Anime Characters

4. Mikasa Ackerman (Powerful Anime Characters)

“Attack on Titan” (2013)

If you see her flying with swords in hand, you know that the heads of the titan are about to roll. A combination of single-minded devotion to protecting Eren, as well as the secrets of her bloodline, took this formally fragile flower and eventually made her the deadliest recruit Survey Corp had ever seen.

When she’s not working on those abs, Mikasa runs around killing any titan or human in her way. He takes everything from a knife to lightning in his hand and will turn any enemy into mulch.

Powerful Anime Characters

3. Metal Bat (Powerful Anime Characters)

“One Punch Man” (2015-19)

Never underestimate the man who has achieved S-Class hero status with nothing but a bat. Of course, Tatsumaki may be able to level spaceships telekinetically. Still, with nothing but his trusty weapon in hand, Metal Bat has taken down villains of all shapes and sizes, not to mention he received unholy punishment and still finds a way to keep swinging.

No matter where you are in the hero or monster association, meeting this bat up close and in person guarantees your skull will soar through the roof.

2. Guts (Powerful Anime Characters)

“Berserk” Franchise (1997-17)

When the world tries to interrupt you at every turn, all you have to do is fight back. Although he suffered a series of hardships that would crush the average protagonist, Guts grew into a warrior who could stand up to even the cruelest of gods. Aside from his unwavering willpower, which refuses to let him die,

Guts’ penchant for wielding a sword the same size as his allows him to fight his way through battlefields, apostles, and anything else foolish enough. As if to stand in the form of his revenge. After killing a hundred soldiers in one night and surviving the solar eclipse, we firmly believe that nothing can stop this man.

1. Yujiro Hanma (Powerful Anime Characters)

“Baki” Franchise (2001-20)

If your very existence amounts to a nuclear deterrent, you know you deserve the title of the most powerful creature on earth. Completely without empathy and willing to kill anyone without hesitation, including the mothers of his children,

Baki’s father is a true force of nature, someone who takes on wild animals and entire armies for fun. With a seemingly endless knowledge of martial arts, Yujiro can do anything from stopping an earthquake with a single blow to simply ripping a man’s face off with one hand. So don’t mess with the ogre.

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