Top 10 Powerful Secondary Characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Ranked 2022

Characters in JoJo: Heroes aren’t the strong main characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Instead, these JoBros are comparably solid and convey the show in their particular manner.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a considerable swath of solid characters. Generally, heroes and scoundrels are the most impressive amid the list of over-the-top characters inside the darling anime. However, notwithstanding this current, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure includes various gigantically optional solid characters.

Each part in the series has a supporting cast that follows the hero. Alluded to the local area as “JoBros”, these may not be the lead characters, yet many of them are all around created companions and associates. Since JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, auxiliary characters in the series frequently have their episodes and are stars by their own doing. Each JoBro has its special arrangement of capacities. However, these characters remain over the rest.

Characters in JoJo

10. Okuyasu Nijimura (Characters in JoJo)

Okyasu Nijimura is a JoBro in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and fills in as one of Josuke Higashikata’s dearest companions. His Stand “The Hand” can remove or scratch space from the universe, supplant it with anything he desires, or erase it forever. Furthermore, his Stand can eliminate the area among himself and his rival with one swipe, bringing them right to him.

Even though Okuyasu may have probably the most grounded remain in the series, his absence of knowledge and general ineptitude put him this low on the rundown. He’s fortunate he has Josuke, Koichi, and the remainder of the Morioh group to rescue him.

Characters in JoJo

9. Koichi Hirose (Characters in JoJo)

Josuke’s other, more intelligent, venerated friend, Koichi, places here. When fans initially met Koichi, he was unbelievably frail, with his microscopic size instead of different characters. Later he fosters his Stand Reverb. However, Koichi turns into a solid partner.

Reverb has three differing structures, each with its capacities. Act 1 can control sounds by composing on anyone, affecting an adversary’s perspective. Act 2 is an updated rendition of Act 1, with the additional capacity to change an item’s condition when the composing is contacted. At last, Act 3 can freeze articles and foes set up by dramatically increasing their weight. Koichi’s flexibility is his solidarity.

Characters in JoJo

8. Mohammed Avdol (Characters in JoJo)

Mohammed Avdol, one of the centre characters in Stardust Crusaders, is ridiculously hot with his Stand Magician’s Red. Entertainer’s Red resembles a man with a bird-like head and can control an assortment of hotness and fire-based assaults.

While a couple of Avdol and Magician’s Red is powerful, it’s difficult for Avdol to stand apart among different crusaders regarding power and speed. Of course, it doesn’t help that Avdol passed on not once, yet on two separate events. While his first “demise” was organized, and he was breastfed back to wellbeing unbeknownst to Polnareff, his second and last passing was sudden, and he was dispatched way too without any problem.

Characters in JoJo

7. Narancia Ghirga (Characters in JoJo)

Narancia Ghirga is an auxiliary person in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind and goes with Giono Giovanna in his interest to bring down the head of the Italian Mob. Lil’ Bomber is a long-range Stand equipped for destroying adversaries with a torrent of projectiles. Moreover, Lil’ Bomber serves the pack as a recon stand on its carbon dioxide radar.

Nonetheless, Narancia experiences similar issues as Okuyasu and Avdol. While Narancia may very well have the most enthusiasm among his companions, his absence of knowledge is one of the primary reasons he positions so low. Moreover, contrasted with more grounded Stand-clients in his group, it isn’t easy to put him any higher.

Characters in JoJo

6. Guido Mista (Characters in JoJo)

Another Golden Wind JoBro, Guido Mista, is the gunslinging Stand-client in the fan-most loved circular segment. In a real sense, his Stand Six Bullets are six unique slugs. Each is numbered 1-7, with the number four being disregarded because of Mista’s notion and scorn for the number.

Six Bullets can divert shots and kickback them toward whatever path Mista orders them. His Stand flourishes when combined with Giorno Giovanna, as displayed commonly all through the circular segment. However long he doesn’t figure out how to shoot himself, Mista is an amazing powerhouse.

Characters in JoJo

5. Noriaki Kakyoin (Characters in JoJo)

Noriaki Kakyoin goes close by different individuals from the Stardust Crusaders in the bend of a similar name. His Stand, Hierophant Green, is a long-range Stand equipped to broaden its appendages and extend them astonishingly. He likewise has a long-range shot assault that Kakyoin calls Emerald Splash, which can destroy adversaries.

However, Hierophant Green may not have a similar strength as Jotaro’s Star Platinum. Kakyoin compensates for that by ostensibly the speediest reasoning, the adaptable individual from the Stardust Crusaders. The authority of his Stand, alongside his key and logical abilities, make him a strong partner and a threatening adversary.

Characters in JoJo

4. Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati is the head of the group in Golden Wind and fills in as the deuteragonist in part. Bucciarati and his Stand Zipper Man can make zippers on any surface, which permits Bucciarati to enter, cross and leave any place he satisfies.

This capacity alone conveys Bucciarati trustworthy intimidation because of the secrecy abilities of his Stand. He could surprise any rival totally before they even realized he was a danger. In addition to the fact that his stands have this power, yet it flaunts incredible strength, as displayed throughout the total of Golden Wind.

Characters in JoJo

3. Rohan Kishibe

Rohan Kishibe is first presented as the main enemy that appears to be undefeatable because of the powers of his Stand, Heaven’s Door. After leaving the dark side, Rohan joins the quest for nearby chronic executioner Yoshikage Kira and becomes a valuable partner for the Morioh group.

Paradise’s Door can transform living creatures into books and modify their character, capacities, science, and so forth. This broken capacity can make Rohan powerful to an adversary by stating, “Don’t assault Rohan Kishibe” inside them. Furthermore, Rohan dominated Heaven’s Door essentially quicker than a significant number of the Stand clients in the series.

2. Jean-Pierre Polnareff

The glad organizer of Polnareff Land himself, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, is first presented as a supporter of DIO in Stardust Crusaders. Later, Polnareff becomes an individual from the Stardust Crusaders and a fan-most loved person after his loss and the expulsion of his psyche control. With his Stand Silver Chariot, Polnareff has exceptional speed and readiness.

Silver Chariot’s speed makes it perhaps the quickest remain in the entirety of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, equaling that of just Jotaro. Polnareff was brought into the world with Silver Chariot, giving him a lot of time and numerous years to dominate his sharp edge employing Stand, in this manner adding to immense strength. Polnareff and Chariot are by a wide margin the most grounded individuals from the Stardust Crusaders separated from the previously mentioned Jotaro.

1. Weather Report

Weather Report employs a Stand with a similar name, Weather Report. He can control the climate and air in any place he satisfies. On paper, this might seem like a pointless capacity. However, it permits the characters to use brutal climate conditions, for example, cyclones, waves, and lightning.

Weather Report is an uncommon organization since he is one of few Stand-users that can show more than one Stand. Heavy Weather is his optional Stand, which produces an unending stock of rainbows that can transform anybody they contact into snails. But, of course, the best way to stop it is by killing Weather Report. This capacity alone makes Weather Report the most impressive JoBro in the series.

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