Top 10 Strongest Hajime no Ippo Characters

Strongest Hajime: Do you cherish both boxing and anime? If your answer is reverberating indeed, you’ll appreciate Hajime no Ippo like the large number of anime fans across the globe previously did. For those who haven’t looked at this series yet, here is a rundown of the 10 most powerful characters to help your interest.

Then, become more acquainted with additional with regards to every one of them and find why this series is highlighted on the rundown of the Top 10 Best Sports Anime.

Strongest Hajime

10. Eiji Date

Eiji Date turned into Japan’s feather weight champion at an extremely young age. Around then, his high certainty made him susceptible. He chose to battle against Ricardo Martinez without concentrated planning. After his embarrassing loss, he resigned from enclosing and settled to office work.

He could conceal his wrathful sentiments; however, it was difficult to dispose of his cutthroat heart. Following quite a while of being resigned, he returned to boxing and effortlessly recaptured his situation as the best featherweight fighter in Japan.

Ippo Makunouchi was his last competitor before testing Ricardo again. His battle against our saint was among the most incredible in the series. However, Ippo lost, he acquired the admiration of many, including Eiji. Eventually, Eiji neglected to retaliate for his misfortune, yet he battled fearlessly.

Strongest Hajime

9. Alexander Volg Zangief

Alexander Volg Zangief is a gifted youthful fighter from Russia who dared to Japan to accomplish his objective of being the most grounded on the planet. He wound up battling against Japan’s best feather weight tender foot, Ippo Makunouchi. However, he lost during their first experience; everybody was amazed by his wolf-like assaults. His one-two mixes resembled teeth that hit immovable.

Strongest Hajime

8. Ryou Mashiba

Ryou Mashiba is known for his gleam hits. He utilizes his long reach to convey whip-like punches to his adversaries, leaving them with no other choice except to stow away. Many dread him due to his natural pitilessness and crazy enthusiasm to win. However, don’t judge this incredible fighter; he is simply doing this for his sister, the prominent family he has left.

He would not like to depend on others and chose to box to accommodate his sister’s requirements as a whole. During his battle against Ippo Makunouchi, Mashiba showed everybody the genuine significance of boldness and strength.

Strongest Hajime

7. Takeshi Sendou

Takeshi Sendou was the Western Japan newbie champion during that same year Ippo got the Eastern Japan belt. They battled to figure out who was the best feather weight freshman in Japan. His battling style can measure up to Ippo’s in numerous ways.

He often thinks less about strategy and spotlights more on further developing his punching power. This implies the battle was for the title belt and to see who has the more grounded punch. After rounds of crushing forces, Sendou passed out and was devastated.

Strongest Hajime

6. Ichirou Miyata

Ichirou Miyata is Ippo’s most prominent adversary. Their ways initially met during a fighting meeting. It was Ippo’s first match while Miyata has been intensely preparing to box since youth. The distinction in their abilities and experience was pronounced. In any case, Miyata was stunned to find Ippo’s intrinsic punching power.

Miyata doesn’t have a lot of force in his punches, so his style depends on counter-punching and fantastic strategy. He arose successfully on that day; however, he guaranteed Ippo a rematch. Regardless of his ability and incredible counters, Miyata was crushed by Ryou Mashiba. He was very boxing by then; however, Ippo’s diligence to be the best roused him.

Strongest Hajime

5. Ippo Makunouchi (Strongest Hajime)

Ippo Makunouchi is the primary hero of Hajime no Ippo. He is presently Japan’s feather weight champion and is expecting to be engaged with the global scene sooner rather than later. Despite his apparent strength, he was once a feeble kid. Indeed, he was regularly singled out by a gathering of delinquent secondary school understudies. He wouldn’t retaliate despite having a body sufficiently able to be an expert fighter.

He unwittingly created brilliant muscles while assisting him with mothering on their fishing business. Everything in his life changed when he met Mamoru Takamura, who acquainted him with boxing.

Strongest Hajime

4. Ricardo Martinez (Strongest Hajime)

Ricardo Martinez is the undefeated WBA feather weight champion. He was the person who crushed Eiji Date, Japan’s most grounded competitor in his weight class, twice. His solidarity isn’t so much as an inquiry. Ricardo smashed most of his adversaries through takeout. His eye and hand coordination are phenomenal as he had the option to precisely land a hit all over despite weaving at an incredible speed.

Many trusts that overcoming Ricardo thriving is near outlandish. However, our legend Ippo will refute them. This hero might appear to have no shortcoming except for I’m certain Ippo’s force punches can find a way through his guard lastly give Japan its first global feather weight champion.

Strongest Hajime

3. Bryan Hawk (Strongest Hajime)

No other word can portray Bryan Hawk best other than bizarre. His boxing has no strategy by any means. Some even consider it simple fighting. Regardless, his moves are not just to look good. Indeed, he handily scaled to the stepping stool and turned into the WBC junior middle weight champion, efficiently utilizing his unconventional style.

A scene inspected his origin story. He lived in the most infamous city in America where you wanted to kill to endure. His youth encounters were savage to the point that it’s not shocking that he ended up being a vicious executioner in his young adult years.

A boxing administrator saw his inborn ability in battling, so he quickly got the opportunity to bait him. He was effectively influence with the guarantee of influence, cash, and ladies. These are the main things he contemplates during his battle against Mamoru Takamura. These shallow inspirations are the most significant components that lead him to his loss.

2. David Eagle (Strongest Hajime)

David Eagle is the WBC middle weight champion before Mamoru Takamura. He was an all-around regard champion because of his impeccable guard and brilliant faculties. His style doesn’t include any extravagant moves. All things being equal, he plays by the book and sticks with what neutralizes his adversary’s strategy.

This is most likely what caused him to lose to Takamura. He neglected to respond to Takamura’s adjustment of the procedure. He stayed with his arrangement until the end, regardless of the undeniable outcome. Eventually, the battle was never basic for Takamura; he almost went down a couple of times. Given Takamura nearly lost against time, it’s fair to say that this contender is among the best the world has any time known.

1. Mamoru Takamura

Mamoru Takamura is the person who affected Ippo to begin boxing. In those days, he was the Japan junior middle weight champion. He had the option to beat Bryan Hawk after 8 rounds of extreme boxing. It was never simple since his adversary had superhuman reflexes.

In any case, Takamura’s solidarity was beyond what anybody could deal with. Indeed, even his pokes can be knockout an adversary; this is why he is so dreade in the ring. Regardless of having the capacity to be the best fighter Japan has seen, individuals are reluctant about regarding him as a symbol because of his pride and being a deviant. Some even case that he is, even more, a shame rather than somebody to be glad for.

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