Top 10 Underrated Chinese Dramas to watch 2022

Hello Guys, how are you all. I hope you are doing great. Korean dramas are on the rise now a days along with that people are also searching for some Chinese dramas to watch. Don’t worry I got you covered you in this list which features ten most underrated Chinese drama which are worth watching. In theses drama you will find everything from love to hate, from friendship to betrayal. So here is the list of all the underrated Chinese dramas.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

10. Lovely Us

Lovely us is a story about 5 childhood friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. Growing up together they are aware about their weaknesses and strong points, they are there for each other n bad or good times. They had the best kind of relation in friendship as well as love. The drama portrays the teenage years while they face many problems with each other. There are many comedy moments in the drama as well. This one should be on your list if you are about to watch the Chinese Drama of any genre.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

9. Hello, debate opponent

This Chinese Drama is divided into two seasons both are good and will make you keep entertained. The web series is about the life of debate team members in the university. In the first season, the members try to add other members In the team because older ones are graduating and some of them are leaving, they are on the verge of shut down and they are not able to win any games.  But they are joined by new junior who kept their hopes for Winning in the tournament. Both the season is equally entertaining and keep you well entertained.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

8. Love is Sweet (Underrated Chinese Dramas)

Love is sweet is a romantic Drama about a girl Jiang Jun who works as a junior in an investment Company, which Is headed by her Childhood friend, Youan Shuai. They share a very good connection with each other which makes the series even more fun to watch. Also, together they try to solve the case of her father’s death while also dealing with investment cases.  This one is one of the best workplace love dramas which is good for the audience to watch at least one.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

7. We are all alone (Underrated Chinese Dramas)

We are all alone is a Chinese drama with a very strong female lead which is not seen bery often in the webs series. Mo Xiang Wan is a very successful artist manager but in this process, she has made many rivals in the same business. After that, she meets her ex-boyfriend who helps her in solving many things. She has to face many things in the process and she has to keep up with a real depiction of the Star-studded industry which is actually very dark in reality. You should watch this web series to experience the real film industry.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

6. The story of Minglan (Underrated Chinese Dramas)

The story of minglan is a series set in the northern song dynasty, which is about Sheng Mian Lan, the unflavored daughter of an official.  When she was young, she loses her mother and she is brought up by her grandfather who told her to live like a good person. She meets Gu Ting ye, and marries him, they then struggle with their personal and political life. The characters in the web series are perfectly placed which make it a worth to watch.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

5. Hikaru No Go (Underrated Chinese Dramas)

This web series is on for those who love Manga and Anime of Hikaru No Go. Shi Guang is a young teenager, who during his grandpa’s excursion finds an ancient go board when searching for something in his attic. The go board is possessed by an old Go master from the song dynasty, Chu ying. Shi Guang brings the Go master back to his life. He then develops a passion for the game and meets the famous player for this game. Together they play the game and become good opponents’. The web series is very famous for anime adaptation which makes it worth watching.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

4. My roommate is a detective

My roommate is a detective is one of those web series that is based on bromance dramas. The web series is set during the republican era of China, a gang member who is now a police officer, works with a banker and a journalist to solve the crèmes in the city. They all are masters in their abilities with high IQ and unique approaches to catching the thieves. The chemistry between the characters will make you stick to your TV sets, which makes it even worth watching the series.

Underrated Chinese Dramas

3. The Day of Becoming You

The day of becoming you is another underrated Drama in the series which incorporates humor, romance, and many heart-touching moments. The male lead is a superstar with a cold personality and the female lead is an entertainment reporter with a charming personality. In a series of turns, they switch bodies with each other and live each other’s lives. They experience each other’s lives in a very unusual way which is shown in the series.

2. Killer and Healer

Killer and Healer is set in the Republican Period of China, in which a policeman and a doctor work together to solve a case about opium delivery In the city. They were once enemies but become friends to solve the case. They overcome many difficulties in order to get the case closed. The plot of the web series is very simple which makes it worth watching.

1. Rush to the dead summer

The story is about friendship, alienation, and betrayal among them which breaks the group into many pieces. Li xia is a poor student who works hard and wins a scholarship where she meets Fu Xiao and luzhi and. After graduation, they go in their separate ways. One becomes an artist while the other becomes an assistant and one becomes a famous Idol in a singing show. They come across each other after a long time and realize that only memories are eternal in the world.

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