Top 10 Underrated Korean drama

Underrated Korean drama: I have already discussed, thriller and romantic dramas in previous blogs but there are many underrated Korean Dramas that many of you haven’t listened to yet. These dramas I m going to tell aren’t very popular

but they have some amazing plots and good performances by actors or the cast. So before you watch any of the series, you should check out these ten underrated Korean dramas which are very entertaining.

Underrated Korean drama

10. Suspicious Partner (2017)

Suspicious Partner is light-hearted series with a sense of suspense. Noh Ji –wook plays a the prosecutor in charge of the murder case that is about a prosecutor trainee, who is accused of the death of her unfaithful Boyfriend. He finally found out about the real murderer but before he is about to tell the truth he quits being a prosecutor and starts his own law firm. But after many years they unite and try to find the real murderer who is still outside and in the process they fall in love.

Underrated Korean drama

9. Doctor John (2019) (Underrated Korean drama)

Doctor John is again a suspense-filled drama about Cha Yo han who is a talented anesthesiologist who is very expert in doing his work and Kang Shi young who is in his final year. They first meet when she is working as a doctor in prison. She finds out that he was jailed for euthanizing a patient with untreatable pain.  She helps her but in the process, she finds out that he has a painful past and a secret that is very hard to treat.

Underrated Korean drama

8. Beating Again (2015)

Beating Again is about Kang Min who is used to being a cold-hearted and ruthless investor with no emotions at all. One day he gets a heart attack and receives a heart transplant. After the surgery is completed, he finds out that now he is more emotional than before,

and his behavior toward everyone has changed. But he always has a strange feeling toward everyone especially towards a girl, because he received his heart from her fiancé, who unfortunately passed away.

Underrated Korean drama

7. Mother (2018) (Underrated Korean drama)

Mother is a very heart-touching story about motherhood and child abuse, both are very sensitive topics and bound to tug on your heartstrings. Kang Soo-jin works as a temporary teacher at Kim Hey – Na’s is being abused

by her birth mother back at home, despite her saying otherwise. The web series Is about the role of mother, which challenges viewers to think about the true meaning of motherhood and what actually constitutes it.

Underrated Korean drama

6. Strongest Deliveryman (2017)

Strongest deliveryman is a very feel-good drama about the lives of two delivery men, Choi Kang-soo and Lee Dan Ah. They deliver to make income to run their families. They always do their best in their work but Kang soo is a very optimistic person and Dan ah is not happy with her current life.

try to meet the demands of the family while dealing with the things happening around them which affect their lives very much in every phase of their life.  The series is very funny and gives you a taste of a slice of life.

Underrated Korean drama

5. The World of Married (2020) (Underrated Korean drama)

The World of Married is one of the best-underrated dramas of 2020. The story is about Ji sun Woo, who is very envy of all the women around. She is very happy in her life, with a good career and a family. She has a very loving husband and a fillioal son. But her life suddenly changes when she finds out that her husband,

and her friends are betraying her in something very important. Soon she finds out the details and sets out to get revenge on the love of her life and those whom she trusted blindly. The web series is a perfect example of adultery, betrayal, and revenge.

Underrated Korean drama

4. Come Back Mister (2016) (Underrated Korean drama)

Come Back mister is web series based on Reincarnation things when Kim Young Soo and Han Gi-Tak is passed away in an accident, but in turn of events, they are sent back again on earth given a second chance to right the things which they committed wrong. They get incarnated as a dashing young Section Chief Of the Department store and young and beautiful women. But there are many rules which they must follow to live their reincarnated lives. Watch as how they struggle to live their lives in this world with many problems.

Underrated Korean drama

3. A Beautiful Mind (2016)

A Beautiful Mind is inspired by the novel Frankestein, The story is about a neurosurgeon Named, Jang Hyuk who plays Lee young oH. He is not empathetic towards people due to his condition.  He starts working with police officer Gye Jin sing,  to find out the reason behind the series of mysterious deaths which are happening in the Hospital and uncover the truth behind it.  But later people start accusing him of the murders due to his psychopath nature and now he has to solve the case as well as make himself free from any guilt.

2. Circle (2017) (Underrated Korean drama)

Circle is a science fiction drama that takes place in 2017 and 2037. The story is about Aliens and alien technologies, which is not seen in K dramas. In 2017 earth, Woo-jin discovers that murders are happening in his university,

and finds out that the reason for these murders is the alien which he met as a child. Inthe meantime, he comes across Haa Jung Yeaon, who is also searching for the reason for the murders. In 2037 earth’s same things is happening, now they must alter between timelines to make things back to normal.

1. Come and Hug me (2018)

Come and hug me is a series about two people Chae Do –Jin and han Jae-yi who met each other and fall in love with each other. But things change when Do-jins father kills Jae yi’s parents.  Do-jin just as the opposite becomes a police officer and undoes the wrongs his father committed.  Again they unite after many years and try their best to overcome the tragedy which happened to them. The web series is a must-watch.

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