Top 11 Anime Seasons that deserves to get another season

Anime Seasons: Over the last few years, the industry of anime has seen a significant increase in its fan base. This has led to a surge in direct animation production. In addition, many manga’s have been adapted for anime, giving viewers a wide range of choices. However, much of the anime stays in season. Some anime has only one season left for various reasons, and fans are suffering while waiting for the official update announcement.

Anime Seasons

11. “Gate” (2015-16)

No one expects a portal to another world to open accidentally in a big city, but these things happen. The “Gate” follows YojiItami of the Self-Defence Forces dispatched to explore a particular area accessible from this portal.

Unfortunately, this is a journey that can lead to war. Unfortunately, the original novel series ends before the second season of the anime airs, so you don’t have to wait for another set of episodes, which may help raise awareness of the ongoing manga adaptation. Now, give more dragons shot down by missiles!

Anime Seasons

10. “Drifters” (2016)

Combining historical figures, tropics of another world, and lots of bloody behavior, the results speak for themselves. The self-contained series struck all the right notes but ended before it took off. Toyohisa responded to both its historical heritage and the new protagonist Alucard gave us by the manga artist.

The battle between the Drifters and the End can be radical at times, not to mention. However, the foundation is all there. Just follow another heavy hitter. If possible, it is desirable to show if the Black King is a darker version of Jesus Christ.

Anime Seasons

9. “Talentless Nana” (2020)

This sleeper hit begins on a nifty pilot and takes place on an island full of super-powerful teenagers. Nana can go to a rather intense site if needed by associating the boy’s metaphor with a criminal novel. Therefore, I would like to see more.

The escape of the assassin in our name is not over yet, so it’s clear that there are more rabbit holes in which she can fall. It’s pretty cathartic to see someone who wants to be a superhero fall like a fly, so I hope she’ll pick us up!

Anime Seasons

8. “Tower of God” (2020)

Bam’s journey to find his missing girlfriend Rachel in the myriad floors of the Almighty Tower adapted to one of the cartoon definitions there. With his debut, he continued the anime scene. We took a relatively simple approach to the genre of choice, but it was astounding with a diverse cast of complex characters and solid world construction.

We want more because the anime just scratched all the surfaces that the source footage had to provide, primarily so that Bam and Rachel can finally have this happy reunion … preferably with a sword in their heads.

Anime Seasons

7. “Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers” (2015)

There are things I don’t see every day. Power fantasy meets a crime novel. In a world where six warriors are chosen to fight the demon god, things get worse as soon as the seventh warrior appears in the ranks.

This only means that the cheat is in progress. The search for traitors occupies the entire length of Season 1, but there is still a threat to the end of the world, at which point Cliff-hanger effectively seeks a sequel. At the very least, it’s worth seeing how this group works when you work together as a team.

Anime Seasons

6. “Vinland Saga” (2019) (Anime Seasons)

Viking epic, if this modern masterpiece doesn’t get a successor, it’s a crime. Against the historical background of Denmark’s invasion of England, we were welcomed by various factions fighting for both power and revenge. All of this was interwoven by Thorfinn’s earnest desire to avenge what was lost.

Given the ending title of the episode, “The End of the Prologue,” there’s no reason why such an acclaimed series shouldn’t continue to thrive. But, don’t treat him violently!

Anime Seasons

5. “Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18) (Anime Seasons)

Who can say no to Dragon Ball anymore? Super has revived this popular series with some great battles and fascinating new characters. Some might say it was a thoroughly satisfying ending, but I know that the cartoons depicting the arcs of Moro and Granola are still going on, so I’ll see what happens next in animated form. I’m looking forward to it. Yes, we have a sequel to the movie, but it can’t stop the insatiable thirst for Dragon Ball!

Anime Seasons

4. “Magi” (2012-14) (Anime Seasons)

A land full of magic and Arabian inspiration, Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana still have enough life to ride the last carpet. It started as an easy adventure, but things became more political, realistic, and ambitious, especially in the “magical kingdom”. In the Kou Empire at the heart of the post-animated Ark, “The best part of Magi hasn’t been adjusted yet. Is it not to see more of Sinbad?

Anime Seasons

3. “Kengan Ashura” (2019) (Anime Seasons)

The good old tournament arc will be exciting and very satisfying when done correctly, and “Kengan Ashura” will be better than most other tournaments.

You can bring a lot of juicy content to the fore, the rest of the tournament! Oma still has a chance to win everything and must-see him how to do things with the demons of past reconciliation. And watch the bearded god Kuroki attack the brave man who challenges him.

2. “Kaiji” (2007-11) (Anime Seasons)

The two appearances of the ultimate loser are probably the most intense in the gambling genre, both for stakes and for portraying debt and addiction as a future destroyer. By the time he crossed the steel beams and fought the swamp, Kaiji had reached some fantastic heights on his day.

And we are all anxious for him to return to hell. Every day happy life would never suit a man like him. He should break again and be unhappy. Then you can see him crawling towards victory again!

1. “Blue Exorcist” (2011-17) (Anime Seasons)

Given that manga has been an integral part of the boys’ scene for over ten years. It’s a shame that there is no season for “Blue Exorcist”. The Okumura brothers have a legacy that Satan knows and have complex relationships with themselves and other students attending the Devilish Academy.

Try different OVAs. Anime struggled in the continuity category. Perhaps the new adaptation can regain some of its previous glory before it is finally wiped out?

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