4 – Marlowe Freudenberg

Next up we have everyone’s favorite narc, Marlowe Freudenberg! Marlowe Freudenberg is a bit of an interesting character in “Attack on Titan”, as he managed to go from tertiary Military Police guy number 1 in The Female Titan arc to honorary Squad Levi assistant in The Uprising arc to redshirt cannon fodder in the Return to Shiganshina arc. Marlowe Freudenberg started out as an idealistic young man with big dreams of reforming the Military Police. And he did (or at least helped to). That’s right, world, someone in “Attack on Titan” actually achieved their goals! By helping to overthrow Rod Reiss regime, Marlowe Freudenberg really did help end the corruption in the Military Police and government, and got to see his goals come to fruition! His one mistake was thinking that his winning streak would continue during his time in the Survey Corps. Silly Marlowe! Plot Armor is for Armin! But in all seriousness, Marlowe Freudenberg’s death was a tough one. Not only did Zeke give him one hell of a headache, but Isayama went as far as ship-teasing Marlowe Freudenberg with Hitch right before he died! Damn! Way to play with people’s heartstrings, Isayama! Freudenberg Marlowe’s death was another most shocking Death in the “Attack on Titan”, because I was honestly expecting Marlowe to be the only person besides Erwin Smith, but Hajime Isayama (quite wisely, in my opinion) opted to instead save Floch. Hopefully Marlowe Freudenberg’s selfless donation of his armor to his comrade won’t be in vain, and Floch will live long enough to go through some genuine character development, and develop into a character in his own right.

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