3 – Kenny Ackerman

And now we come to a man among men Kenny Ackerman. The man who trained Levi. The man who killed over 100 MPs Titans. The man who couldn’t do a damn thing against anyone from Squad Levi. Ah, plot armor, why must you ruin everything you touch? Kenny was one of the most genuine characters in all of “Attack on Titan”. Kenny Ackerman just did Kenny, and if the rest of the world didn’t like it, they could take it up with his knife. Or his guns… Look, the point is, Kenny Ackerman is awesome. He’s a guy who came from a tough background, who worked his way up to the top. And I challenge anyone to say his faith to Uri Reiss isn’t admirable. But, sadly, Hajime Isayama hates having awesome characters in his manga, and Ackerman Kenny eventually went to kick it with Uri in the afterlife. Kenny Ackerman’s death is memorable not for it’s shock value, or gore, but for the genuinely emotional moment he had with Levi as he was dying. The moment when Kenny Ackerman finally reveals his familial relationship to Levi is a genuinely emotional moment, and his explanation for why he abandoned Levi only drives home the emotional gut punch of this scene. Not to mention how Levi must feel, watching his only family (that he knows of) die before his eyes (and right after he learned that they were family, no less!).

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